Settling in at Asante….

We have made it safe and sound to our accommodations….we had a smooth travel from the hotel to Swaziland….the border crossing was easy going.  Lots of great scenery and laughing.

We arrived at the Asante Guest House and have had a lunch and settled into the rooms.  Everyone is doing great….and now we have decided (well the ladies have anyway) that a trip to the market this afternoon would be the right decision.  So we are on our way.

More updates to come….for now, we’re safe and sound and happy and looking forward to a shopping trip.  Well…the ladies are anyway….the guys are along for the ride 🙂

25 thoughts on “Settling in at Asante….

  1. I was getting a little worried…….haven’t seen Lanyse since Washington, thought maybe she was left behind. Thanks for the picture Jon, I now know she is really with you guys.(we talked about hiding behind people…)
    Really nice to see all the smiles. Enjoy your supper and sleep………I am sure the children are excited to see you tomorrow, and the building by the rest of you begins….

  2. enjoy this experience, my wife and I loved being there last year, it will change your life. Sandra dont worry, Gino has not been to bad yet. Men let Kelly shovel, she is a machine! Shelly remember, HEY SWAZI’S is everyone over there. Now the real important issue at hand is who will become my favorite and bring back a Stoney beer for me?

    God bless you all

  3. Dale’s comment just reminded me of Grapetizer!

    Jon, did you talk any flight attendants into giving you extra Grapetizer? Remember when you don’t get a choice of food they are totally more willing to help you out!

    Also, I will give a giant hug (& some cash) to whoever finds me a small wooden giraffe 😛

    Love you all! Have an awesome day!

  4. Hey everyone!

    It looks like you guys are having a great time already! Anna and Amy, your picture with the nyala is awesome! We hope everyone is having an amazing time! All of the Epic staff and students are praying for you!

    Remember Phil 2:14 and shine like stars 😉

  5. Hi, Steph! I bet you can hardly believe that after all your dreaming of going to Africa, you are finally there! It’s so good to see you smiling, eating and having fun. The weather looks awesome, too! Oh, enjoy it all! Love you! Sue

  6. Hey guys, hey Kelly and Jon,
    I actually started writting something just a few second ago but I lost what I wrote so if you get two of these well hey bonus. We miss you all, so glad to hear that you are now in South Africa safe. Kelly I really feel for you that you were sick for so long on the plan. After we got off the phone with you we all prayed for the team and the health of all. Sorry that you couldn’t speak to the boys on the phone ’cause they were napping but know that they miss you. When we were at the pool swimming COnner said “I sure do wish Mommy and Daddy were here with us playing” I told him that you were probabily thinking about them right at that moment and he had a distant look on his face and a big grin. He nodded back and then went back to splashing Sheld and laughing. Aiden thinks your in India which makes us all laugh and when he laughs back he yells “Africa not India ha ha haha”. We love you all and we will continue to pray for you as you all conintue this journey.

    Love, Ash and Sheld

  7. Hi Steph!!! Looks like everyone is doing well..miss u and still can’t believe u are there. Take lots of pics and I’d like to see u in some pics as well so get in Love u and be careful.

  8. I’ve been on the blog, like, every hour to see if there are any updates!! Brenda, try to get into some pictures so we can see you!! I know you’re a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person, but I want to make sure you weren’t left behind in Washington.

    Have a great trip! Praying, praying for all of you.

  9. It is so great to see you all! Monica, I love how you are totally styling in your hat 🙂 I am so very glad that you are having a great time and that you made it there safe and sound. I missed you at the Watoto African Children’s Choir but was thinking of you through it all. Robyn came in from LaRiviere with her son and even Scott and Rob came!!

    If you can, give those babies and Momma’s a hug from all of us here! They are doing extraordinry things. So proud of you and praying for your daily. Can’t wait to see you in two weeks.

    Love and prayers to you and the rest of the 2011 team!!

  10. Hi Auntie Leslie,
    Miss you already. Hope you are doing well, we’ve been praying for you. Ellayna is taking good care of Maggie. Ellayna says she loves you, but really misses you. Asher says I hope that you are doing fine in Sawziland. Asher is saving all his money for the kids in Africa after seeing the Watoto choir last night.
    Love you, Tara
    PS Laural is officially registered for the retreat.

  11. hey steph and anna !
    glad to see both of you safe and smiling 🙂
    i can’t believe you’re actually there – it always seemed like such a big dream. i’m so proud of you for everything so far.
    hope you’ve over come your fear of flying by now, and i can’t wait to follow your adventure for the next week and a bit.
    all my love to africa ❤ !

  12. Hey there team,

    Yes the Watoto Children’s choir was fantastic! I’m sure I’m not the only one who bought a CD last night, so there’s a chance for you to hear the amazing music.

    What touched me most, though was their personal stories. These kids and teens speak so eloquently about unspeakable conditions. It’s so moving to hear about the turn around sponsorship has made in their lives.

    It made me think of all the children at our carepoints. It gave me hope that we really are making a difference in their lives. Go equipped with the full armour of God and bless their socks off!

  13. Hey Steph!! it’s your most favorite person in the whole world!!! me!! as i can see you made it through the flight which is fantastic!! i hope your having a blast so far! by the sounds of it, i’m going to be back in winnipeg the 13th, but it’s still on the rocks of course. I love you so very much! hug an african for me 🙂
    Your in my prayers,
    Love you bebe,

  14. Shopping! I knew I should have been there! lol. Have a great ministering time at Elelani. Wishing you all good health and great relationship time together. Kelly, hope your getting better. Sorry to hear you were sick. Kim, are you staying out of sick bay? lol.

  15. Hey team! Carolyn and i have been trying to understand and live out the words of Proverbs 3:8 … “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” As you guys spend your first day at the CarePoint tomorrow… do everything you can to lift the crushing weight of poverty, hardship, fractured and broken families and a bleak future off those kids. Go deep in relationship with the kids, D-Team, Magays and GoGo’s. Don’t just do projects…or lead programs…build relationships. Love on everyone you meet with the overt and powerful love of Christ by being ‘crushing-weight’ lifters! So excited that our friends in Swaziland have you there right now! – Todd

  16. Hurray!!!! A picture, and you look very happy…so what have you been eating? Have a great time and enjoy the heat. Did you see Eles’s post?

  17. excited for all of you…. may you rest in Christs arms as you rejoice in new experiences… and find your hearts stretched to the point of breaking as well…. thanks for being couragous and going out of your comfort zone… thanks for sharing your hearts and being light over there….. hugs as many kids as you can…. enjoy laughing and tickling them … they need that almost as much as food and water…. hope is what helps the ehaert drive on….. Be Christ’s shining light into the desperateness of thier situation….. enjoy seing the strengths that they can teach us…. and rest in knowing that the HOly Spirit is there, ministering through you….. drink PlENTY of water and wear your hats! refreshment and strength to you

  18. Glad to hear all is well.Looking forward to seeing pics of all of you and the work you will be doing. Kelly the dogs are doing great and Michelle is enjoying it. Chris it is very quiet here but it is Tuesday and dinner will be busier and I will be doing your job tonight. Miss you both. Love Sheila/mum and Eric

  19. Hey Wayne & Anna,
    I’m praying for you guys! God is moving my heart as I see the evidence of His work over in Africa. Seeing Precious so excited about the sound system brought tears to my eyes. Looking forward to hearing the stories. God bless you both!

  20. Hello Brenda,
    Praying that your time there is filling you with joy. May God be your everything this coming week. Can’t wait to get together and see your pictures. God bless you!

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