Safe and Sound in South Africa

We’ve Made It!
Landing in South Africa

Well….we are here!  We have landed and made it successfully to South Africa.  The team is all in one piece….mostly anyway.  The flight was LOOOOOOOOOOOONG….really long.  But there was still a fair share of laughter and a few people getting some sleep.

There were a couple of team members that got hit a bit with motion sickness….Kelly (my wife) got hit really hard and was basically sick for the whole 18 hour flight….it was tough but now that we are on solid ground she’s doing WAY better and is ready to go.

Jumbo and Mark (Mark & his wife Allison will be our hosts here) met us at the airport and ALL of our luggage arrived safe and sound.  What a relief.  We drove to our hotel and settled in….had a light supper and a few of us skyped home.

We are all just settling into bed now….it is late afternoon for you folks and 11PM here in Jo-berg.  Everyone has gone to bed but we’ll see if everyone can fall asleep.  We all wish we could see the Watoto Children’s Choir tonight!  That should be great….and will probably be a packed house.

We send our greetings to the church….it is SO wonderful to have everyone along with us on the journey.  Thanks for all the comments already.  Tomorrow we wake up at 7AM and start the 5 hour drive to Swaziland.  We are all excited…tired…giddy…and ready for what God has for us.

Until tomorrow (provided we have internet) we bid you goodnight.  Have a great night with the choir.  Lots of love….

Jon & the sleeping 2011 Swaziteam



16 thoughts on “Safe and Sound in South Africa

  1. Yeah team Swazi! Glad you all arrived safe and sound. I’m looking forward to seeing Swazi through you eyes. My prayers are with you! Be that “drop in the bucket” for Riverwooders today! Kim K. – I hope your having the greatest of times! Know your care group is thinking of you and praying for you.

  2. I’m so excited for all of you! I can’t wait to hear about all of your great Swazi experiences! Kell, I’m so sorry to hear that you were mega-sick; you’re such a trooper! I hope you’re sound asleep right now! Shell, my friend! Hope the hose worked for ya! Jon, great job taking care of everyone! Make sure you let people take care of you, too! Be safe, all of you, and may the Lord bless you throughout your trip!

  3. I am really gald to hear that you are all there in one piece. LeeAnn and I will pray for all of you while you are there. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing what God will do through all of you! Have a great night and all the very best!


  4. Swaziteam, how well I remember being where you are right now. I pray for enough rest to remain healthy and happy. I know that God has great things in store for you and I pray that you will be used by him to accomplish his work in Swaziland.
    For all those of you on the team last year, I miss you guys and am slightly jealous you got to go again. However God had something different for me this year including a trip to France. Give Bussisiwe and Zhodwa a hug from me and let them and the D-team know that they are in my prayers with many fond memories.

  5. Hey guys! Glad to hear everyone made it and is feeling better now that you’re off the plane! I hope you can get some sleep and re-energize. God bless you guys and what you will be doing there over the next couple weeks. Hi to my 2010er’s (and the 2009er’s I know) 🙂 Mahgay Magpie will take good care of you! Kelly (F) try to giggle hysterically without me there 🙂 I think Rachel can help you with that! Love you guys. I know how much it means to get posts every night so I’ll try to do my best! Off to Watoto now!

  6. Praise God that you all made it safely! Great to see you smiling, Steph, on the Washington video . . . hope you’re still smiling and sleeping right now! We’re thinking about you lots and praying for you! Talk to you soon . . .

  7. Glad to hear you’re all safe and sound!! Have an awesome and safe drive to Manzini! Enjoy the scenery!
    Hi to Shelley (hope the flight was okay without your plane buddy!), Kelly (make sure you go for a walk in the dark and throw some rocks in the bushes to scare people), Sandra (laugh lots! Your laugh is contagious), Carolyn & Brenda (I’m sure you both will end up being like moms to everyone there again this year 🙂 ), Ron (they are lucky to have such a hard worker back!), and of course Jon (you are a great leader and this team is lucky to have you there!!).
    I’m sure you are all going to have an amazing and life changing experience! Can’t wait to read the blog everyday 🙂 I think you can all guess what I’ll be doing at work until you get back…
    Praying for you all!

  8. Just got back from the Watoto Children’s Choir. Man it sure brings you back to what’s important. I’m proud to say that my mom sponsored a child today, that was a big step for her and I felt it press on my heart today that God doesn’t care where we sponsor a child just that we do so this is now our 3rd child we will have. I gotta stop having kids! haha What’s one more hey!
    I guess you’ll be stopping at the Wimpy Burger so have some green Cream Soda and a chicken Wrap for me. Shelley on Saturday we had a co-worker of yours over (Pam)that came over with my friend Leithen! Small world! Anyways to all the Swazi’s time to get on the bus! haha to Shelley! Love you my friends can’t wait to hear from you and also to get an email from Pastor Todd as to how many children were sponsored at the concert… and yes it was a packed house that people arrived over an hour before hand!

  9. Glad you all made ut there safe and sound The children’s choir was AMAZING!!! Wish you could have seen and heard them. I am praying you all wake up refreshed and ready to go. Bryan hope you slept well, miss you already.

  10. Haley,
    We hope you are feeling well. We were thinking of you a lot today at the Watoto evening. What a great time! The kids were all so cute – so make sure you hug all the Swazi kids for us! We are praying for you and the rest of the team!
    Meg & Ty

  11. Good morning everyone!!!!!!!!May God guide you on your first adventure in Africa. Take in everything you can because time will fly by and before you know it…..

    There is a reason and a purpose for all of you to be there. Hope you find yours. Take care and God Bless.

  12. Everyone is stoked for you folks here and cheering you on. Don’t worry about the audio-less vid that showed at the first service… I just read your lips and told everyone what you were saying … I think. Oh well, have fun, be rad, and we’ll you all soon.

  13. Sooo happy to hear you’ve all made it there in one piece!!!! (Steph… I’m hoping by now you’ve overcome your fear of flying.)

    Sending all my love your way!!!

  14. Were you guys all praising the Lord for a safe landing, that\s what it looks like. Well I’m getting ready for work, Brenda I hope you didn’t fall asleep while someone was talking to you.
    Love C

  15. okay…so all of visions of getting things done around the house this weekend went out the window. At least I think thats where they went as i can’t find them. Hats off to all you single parents out there. I really prefer the team approach…and when i say team, I mean Sandra does it. Yikes.

    Hope you had a great day as you travelled into Swaziland. Pretty wierd how it looks like the Manitoba praries and then bamm – mountains everywhere as soon as you cross the boarder! Take lots of pics as those sights are absolutely breathtaking.

    Love you hun and miss you. But mostly proud of you! G

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