Our video from Washington

We know that there was a video sent from us in Washington that was shown in church (maybe just the first service) that was somehow sent without audio.  We wanted to make sure you all had a chance to see our greeting from Washington….so this version contains the audio…..enjoy

6 thoughts on “Our video from Washington

  1. Hey Yvonne, you should have left your binder at home, so I could at least figure out what Jon is saying…..
    Miss ya already.
    Have a good sleep and a safe drive to Manzini.
    Loveyalots, Me

  2. What a bunch of kooks! That was funny to hear you guys at the airport. Well I promise you the hardest part is over, okay for me it was the hardest part 18 hours of being cooped up and tied down in my seat last year! That’s what it felt like I’m sure some of you can relate.
    Once you get to Swaziland make sure you go to the Chicken Dust just outside of Manzini on your way to the carepoints. If you blink you’ll miss it so just ask any of the d-team or Jumbo and Kriek. I’m telling you it’s a must for places to eat in Swaziland! And cheap too, 15 to 17 rand or a bit over 2 bucks. I ate there almost everyday (Make sure to feed Musa!haha). Don’t forget to give the little cute as a button girl at Enelani a great big hug from me! haha Okay just hug everyone for me and have an… AWESOME experience!

  3. You guys all look pretty good for that much time on one plane… especially that girl in the striped sweater. I am soooo excited or you all and I love you Haley!!

    -Joe Hubby

  4. Went to the Watoto concert tonight Steph…just as you ordered me to do. lol. It was a beautiful experience, and I’m happy I went. Sophie, one of the children in the choir, was able to meet her sponser family tonight. The family lives in Stony Mountain and saw the concert a couple of years ago and decided to sponser Sophie. It was amazing to see. You’ll be proud to know I gave 30 dollars to Watoto tonight Steph. I couldn’t walk away from that and not give..truly inspirational. Love you Steph. I hope you get to read these. Get some sleep!!

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