We’re halfway there!

Well….actually I should say half of us are here….in Chicago….it sounds like the other half of the team is in the air and on their way to meet us.  We’ve got a few hours to kill here before heading off to Washington….and then onto the painstaking 17 1/2 hour flight….

Most of us are a bit zombie-ish….with only a couple hours of sleep but we are all very giddy.

There were a few hiccups getting out of Winnipeg but everything has turned out well….all our luggage made it on and best of all they didn’t charge us for any of the extras.

More later….

4 thoughts on “We’re halfway there!

  1. WOW! Didn’t think you would actually get around to it…but thanks for keeping us posted. Glad it was just hiccups…..easy to handle. You are probably on your way to Washington by now….Thinking of you all and praying for a safe flight and arrival. Sleep well on the last leg of the trip!!!

  2. We are checking the blog every fifteen minutes so thanks for the update.
    It was great to see you all (ok – half of you) off this morning. It was awesome to see the exitement in your eyes even with so little sleep the night before. You have an amazing crew there and I know God is going to do great things with you, through you and to you. Take it all in as it will go so fast! Have a restful flight and we look forward to hearing from you from the other side of the world! Much love.
    We miss you already, snickerpoocha!

  3. Hey “Half of the crew”,
    Glad you made it this far. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing (flying) from now on. The second team was kind of mellow, I think, obstructing the entire path of the departure hall for a while. I bet none of you had a decent sleep last night because of the adrenaline rush. Tod pre-checked each luggage piece to make sure they were below 50 lbs. All were okay except for ….. Carolyn’s personal suitcase. This blog is great. We all can be a part of your journey. I’ll pray for a safe trip for all of you. Veel liefs (Dutch for: Much Love).

    Gino: Snicker-the-whoha???

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