19 thoughts on “Just running to board the flight to South Africa!

    1. already waiting to hear how things are going! wish i was going with you but it’s comical because i slipped on the ice and broke a bone in my foot! i’m sure shelley would have hooked a brother up though! haha it’s a long flight but i promise it will be worth every mean stewardess that wont let you hang out in the aisle!!

  1. Hey, Steph! We’re so excited for you! Praying for you and can’t wait to hear that you all made it safely to South Africa! Looking forward to updates . . . Love you!

  2. Good to hear you are on the way praying for a smooth flight and can’t wait to hear the stories for the next two weeks.Leslie our travels are going good Matthew had fun in the pool.We’re wishing you all the best.
    Love Sean & Matthew

  3. YO TEAM! there is nothing fun about an 18 hr flight…hope you get some ZZZ’s, watch a few movies and eat awesome plane food. If you are reading this…YOU MADE IT! Blessings to all.
    P.S. Anna, hope your late night packing went well and you remembers the essentials.
    And CAROLYN…. HI, you rock. get ready for some BLOG MOBBING! hahaha.

  4. Fun to see the blog updated throughout the day. Anxiously waiting to see/read that you’ve arrived safely. Praying that all were able to rest during the long ….. flight. You have quite a busy schedule ahead of you.
    *David – What do you think a loud, grinding sound coming from the back of the van means? $$$$

  5. Hey everyone hope everything is going good :)..Haley ill miss you :p lol ill comment on the blog everyday to see if everyone is having a good time..:D bye..

  6. Hey gang,
    Just a quick note before going to church. I’m trying to figure out where you could be on your flight. Maybe left Dakar already. Anyway I hope you had a pleasant flight so far with friendly flight attendances. Be blessed and stay safe. Veel liefs.

  7. Hi All,
    Just returned from church after running some errands. We saw your quick video from one of the airports. Thanks. Was great to see you all very excited. Ben narrated the video because there was no sound, that was funny. He added:”…and Ben is a great guy!…just kidding” Todd talked & tough about Magnitude (paralyzed by the numbers), Amplitude (what do you do when you decide to take action) & Ineptitude. With the last one a “Drop in the bucket” come to his mind. He showed pictures of their (Todd & Carolyn’s) personal drop in the bucket: their Special Friend’s (sorry I forgot her name; a picture from 3/4 years ago and a current one. Wow, what a difference that was. The antidote for all the above is Attitude & Plentitude.
    Each one of you does drop your drop of resources & time and above all LOVE & CARE in the bucket of Enaleni & Bhobhokazi, which is incredible awesome. I am so very, very proud of all of you!! I can’t wait to hear from your experiences.
    Take good care of each other and God’s blessings to all.

  8. Hi Guys,
    Gald you arrived safe in Jo Burg! Can’t wait to hear about the trip so far. Bryan I hope you got some much needed sleep. I did went to bed at 9 last night.
    Love you guys much!!1

  9. Sorry i missed your call Steph….grrrr…I’m upset. I’m relieved to here you made it safely. Now i can sleep. It was great to hear your voice. Get some rest!! Love you!!

  10. Glad to see that you have landed safely in Jo-Burg. It was great to see your smiling faces. You do look awesome! Have a good rest this evening because tomorrow your senses will be blown away. Get an extra box of Kleenex for the ride home from your first visit to the carepoints. Trust me.

    Sandra…we are missing you terribly but are so excited that God is using you in this way. Even if it means having to be without you for 13 days, 8 hours and 58 minutes. We will survive. Lucy hasn’t left her spot at the door waiting for you to return and I had to yell at her to get her to go to bed. Tazzi…not so much.

    Please give Maeybongwe a hug from me. Haven’t seen him in any pics or video that Todd brought back so I am a little worried.

    Much love!

    We love you snickerpoocha!

  11. Hey Team!

    Hope your flight was bearable and that you guys all got the chance to catch up on some sleep before the bus 🙂

    Steph – I hope your fear of flying has subsided and your safe. I love you and hope your already having the time of your life <3!

  12. Went to the Watoto concert tonight Steph…just as you ordered me to do. lol. It was a beautiful experience, and I’m happy I went. Sophie, one of the children in the choir, was able to meet her sponser family tonight. The family lives in Stony Mountain and saw the concert a couple of years ago and decided to sponser Sophie. It was amazing to see. You’ll be proud to know I gave 30 dollars to Watoto tonight Steph. I couldn’t walk away from that and not give..truly inspirational. Love you Steph. I hope you get to read these. Get some sleep!!

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