2 more sleeps (if that….)

Well…the team met and packed all our extra bags….it is an interesting fact that our team will be bringing more than 2600 lbs of luggage with us!!!  Wow….that just seems like a lot.

We are so excited about leaving….and most of us are about ready….for me personally I haven’t even begun packing so I need to get things in gear….

I’d like to take this quick opportunity to introduce you to our team this year….get ready to cheer these folks on and follow our journey…we will be posting as much as we can on the blog to bring you along on the journey.


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4 thoughts on “2 more sleeps (if that….)

  1. So excited for all of you! I know each of you will have an amazing time. Hug all the little kids for me (especially Nomphilo in Enaleni)
    Let us all know when you’re safe and sound. Praying for safe travels 🙂

  2. May God bless you all and keep you all safe in your journey tomorrow morning! I can’t wait to hear about all of your experiences and I know that we will feel like we have all been brought along with you.

  3. Well…I’m VERY excited to leave for Swaziland at 630 in the morning…well not too excited about the 630 flight!! 🙂 But..too excited to fall asleep, and I’m getting picked up for the airport in less than 4 hrs!
    Journey along with us!!

  4. A blessed journey to you all! You are on a wonderful mission.
    To Miss Amy: Dad & I are soooooo very proud of you. The house is quiet and of course we miss you, but we are excited for you too and will be checking this great blog to keep up with your adventures. Peaches and Ruby say Hi. Hugs to you, we love you dearly, Mom & Dad.

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