The end of an amazing month!

The school shoes have finally been given out!

On Monday we went to Bhobhokazi and the kids were very excited to get their shoes!

In the evening, Matt and I went to the Langa’s for dinner for a second time. Fortunately we went to the correct house this time! It was a great time spent together with many laughs and great conversation. Mrs. Langa cooked a delicious meal with a traditional of Swaziland – peanut and beef stew. After dinner I was able to teach them how to use their lap top that the church bought for them last year as well as the cameras they received this year. They were so thankful and wanted me to come back to teach them more! Before leaving, the family presented us with wraps from Enaleni church and a gift for Riverwood. Mrs. Langa said the gift must be displayed in the Swaziland corner of Riverwood! It was a great night and they are great people.

On Tuesday, our last full day in Swaziland, we were able to take the shoes to Enaleni. This was a wonderful experience. When we arrived all the preschool kids helped carry in all 85 boxes of shoes! They were so happy and eager to help us out. Matt and I loved watching their faces light up each time they had a new box to carry in! Each of the kids who got their new shoes were so grateful and thanked us.

Our time in Swaziland truly was an amazing experience. The best part about our trip was that we really were able to experience and take part  in the culture and daily life of Swazi people.  We loved spending time with the children at each carepoint as well as everyone else we got close too like the Langa’s, Cynthia, Jumbo and Kriek, and so many other people. We are thankful that we were able to help our two carepoints, giving shoes to all the children, helping them write letters for their sponsor and playing games with them. It has been so memorable and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to go!

Thanks for following the blog! Your thoughts and prayers have been a source of strength and encouragement for us!

Amanda and Matt

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4 thoughts on “The end of an amazing month!

  1. Job well done team Opalko. The people in your pictures look so happy including both of you. Enjoy your last couple of days in Cape Town. Look forward to your home coming and heading out to the lake as a family.

    Love you guys, safe travels home.

    Mom O

  2. Love reading of your amazing experiences. It is a thrill to see the pictures and know that the two of you are touching the lives of the children and our Swazi friends in beautiful ways. We were so excited to read and look at the pics of the shoe distrubtion and to see this part of your dream and planning become reality. We look foward to hearing more when you get back. Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey and we pray for safe travels home. Love to you both!
    Carolyn and Todd

  3. How exciting to see all those shoes! What an incredible gift you’ve given these children.
    Be safe and enjoy your last week in Africa.

  4. thankyou for the pictures and the blog. I got to see a few pictures that our sponsor child was in plus a few other special kids. It was very heart warming to see their faces again!!!

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