So much to tell!

What a great last few days! We have been so busy so it has been hard to find time to update the blog!

Our time in Swaziland is winding down now. It has been nice to see some of our projects here come to completion. Crocs are done, sponsor letters are done and school shoes will be done tomorrow. It has been such a rewarding 3 weeks!

On Saturday Matt and I were able to go to Mozambique with a mens and womens basketball team. It was such a HOT day and they played on an ourdoor concrete court! Matt got a little sunburned! Luckily I was able to sit in the shade the whole time. The male and female Swazi teams had played these Mozambique teams many times but have never left with the win. Saturday was a different story! Both Swazi teams won! It was awesome to see the excitement each one of them had, especially Bhonge who is the guy who organizes everything. He was so thankful to Matt for playing! He wanted him to stay for 2 more months.

After the games Pastor Langa, who drove for us all day, took us to the Indian Ocean. It was so beautiful!!!! We were able to spend some time there, take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful day. Afterwards we drove around Maputo to sightsee a bit.

Sunday was also awesome! Matt preached at Enaleni about having faith like a child and the importance of training your children to know the Lord. Everyone responded well.There was a funny moment when Matt said because Pastor Langa is short he has long sermons and because he is tall he has short sermons. Everyone found that really funny.

Afer church we took our interpreter Cynthia, her son and her cousins son, who are both 4, to Mlilwane (a wildlife sanctuary) to see some animals. Cynthia said the boys were so excited to go and were counting down the days until Sunday! They were not as happy when she said they had to go to church first though!! We had such a great time!! We saw some great animals like buffalo, zebras, impala, waterbuck, elandu, warthogs, hippos, crocodiles and many more! The neat part is that you drive through the park on your own  and you can get up close to all the animals! Matt was not happy when I got out of the car to take a picture of the crocodile and hippo! The boys had the time of their life and amused us with their constant giggling and singing!

Today we are finally getting to hand out the school shoes! We are so excited about that! Then tonight we are going to the Langa’s for dinner again. Hopefully we’ll go to the right house!

Thanks for reading the blog!!

Amanda and Matt







6 thoughts on “So much to tell!

  1. Hi Amanda and Matt,

    Well it sounds like you are having a really good time. That is great that the teams both came away with a win. I can’t believe it is coming to a close for you at Swaziland. You will have lots of stories to share when you get home and we will be looking forward to hearing them and seeing all the pics.
    We are in Bismarck and it is all rolling hills. We will be leaving for the Black Hills in about 2 hrs. Lisa says hi. The kids are having a good time.
    Take care, be safe and we love both.

    Love mum

  2. Glad to hear your weekend was a success. It is awesome that you guys were both able to go to Mozambique and enjoy the sunshine. It surprises me that in Enalni you both have been wearing jackets and in Mozambique you got a sunburn.
    So pleased for you Matt that your team could walk away with the championship. I guess you still got it.
    The kids and you guys must have enjoyed the wildlife and I’m not surprised Amanda got out of the car.
    Happy to hear that the sermon at church went well. Enjoy your last couple of days at the carepoints and have fun handing out the school shoes.
    Keep us updated and stay safe.

    Love you both
    Mom and Dad O

  3. So proud of what you guys are doing. This sounds amazing….and Matt you preached!! That’s awesome. And I’m so thrilled you got to participate in a basketball tourney….that must have been such a highlight for you Matt. Way to go on the letters, the shoes, and I’m so happy you are connecting well with Pastor Peter and his family. Make sure you give them a REALLY BIG hello from me and tell them we love them and miss them a lot. You guys are just amazing. Thanks for taking this opportunity to serve our carepoints. I can’t wait to see more pictures and to hear more stories. HAVE A BLAST in Capetown. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

    Cheering you on every step….

  4. Hi Matt and Amanda, Matt, I am so happy your mom gave me your blog website, I look forward to going in and reading all the things you are doing and all your acomplishments, what an amazing feat you are doing and I am so proud of both of you. Keep the blogs coming, it was very upsetting when I couldn’t sing you happy birthday Matt, Yikes, it was a real void, (maybe when you get back) well keep on doing what you are doing, and remember KEEP THE WORK AREA CLEAN!!! Love Auntie Bonnie xoxoxoxo

  5. Greetings Neighbors – for a short while ..
    Todd encouraged the church to check out the website and encourage you while in Swaziland. I didn’t know the dates you were gone, but sure thankful for this opportunity to read your blog, see the amazing photos of the church in Enaleni with so many people there, the kids and all the activities that you have been involved in while there.
    You know that you will walk away from this experience “richer” and changed in ways that you can’t explain to people unless they have been to Africa. But you can always share with others the goodness of God in your lives and the lives of others that you mutually touched. 🙂
    We too have visited Mozambique – lovely country, lovely people as well – so glad you were able to win a basketball tournament for Swaziland Matt!! You look like a giant in every photo with those cute little kids. I am grateful you are able to go just the two of you – I am sure your experiences are very unique when you are only 2 people to host. Thanks for giving up of your time, your lives to serve over the summer in this way. What a gift from God you are to those you have seen again there, to your friends and to your families especially. It does a parents heart proud to see their kids loving and serving the Lord in their lives and marriage.

    We love you too and praise God for all that He has done in your time in Africa.

    Drop by when you come home – we are in our home til Aug. 6th and then move to Leah’s.

    With rejoicing hearts –
    Shirl (Mmabatho) & Darryl (Modisa)

  6. Oh No Auntie Bonnie is one dissapointed lady, I missed your call yesterday, I would have been honoured to sing you Happy Birthday over the phone, thank you for trying though, I have shown everyone at work your pictures and they think you are both amazing for all you have done. Keep it up guys. Love you and have a safe trip home.
    Auntie Bonnie xoxoxoxo

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