Construction, crafts, crocs and sponsor letters

The last few days have been very eventful.

On Monday  night Matt had the opportunity to play with a local basketball team. He had a great time and was recruited to go with the team to Mozambique on Saturday for a tournament. He is really excited to go.

On Tuesday we went to Joy Preschool, which is run by Precious Langa. It was a lot of fun!! We were able to listen to the kids sing for us and recite a Bible verse, I taught them a new song, Matt taught them a new game and we finished our morning by making puppets out of paper bags. The kids enjoyed this a lot!! Mrs Langa told the kids that they must go home and tell a story to their family with their puppet.

Tuesday afternoon we headed out to Enaleni to write letters and colour pictures with the kids for each one of their sponsors at Riverwood. I thought it was so neat to see the children make their craft for people I know at church!! I was able to see the work they put into each stroke of the crayon!! The preschool children coloured a picture and the older children wrote a message saying, “Thank you for your support and prayers. We love you!”. This was such a great time spent with the kids at Enaleni! We also bought them a new soccer ball with pictures of flags for each country that played in the World Cup. They were pumped when they saw this ball and they all wanted to see the pictures of each flag.

Today we are going to Bhobhokazi to make the pictures and letters with the kids there.

We are waiting on the school shoes to come in still from Cape Town but when we get them we’re going to hand them out along with new crocs to each of the preschool kids.

Construction on the church continues. There is now stage and the glass will be put in the windows soon!!

Thats all for now!

Amanda and Matt


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8 thoughts on “Construction, crafts, crocs and sponsor letters

  1. Sounds amazing guys. The first couple of weeks have gone so fast. Sounds like there is still lots of work to be done, and looks like the kids love having you both around.

    Glad you were able to play some ball out in Africa Matty. Interested to know how similar it is to here at home. Enjoy your tournament on the weekend.

    Looking forward to more updates.

    Love you both
    Mom O

  2. It’s so funny to see everyone here including me asking you to find so and so, she’s cute as a button and 9 years old! I think next year we really need to take a picture of each sponsor family holding the sponsor childs picture so we can clearly see who is matched up with who. Until then it’s a lost cause but hug them all anyways and take lots of pictures. That way everyone will be happy! haha Tell the D-Team we miss them lots and think of them on a Daily basis. Thank you for going to Swaziland you keep everyone of us so connected and keep our Swazi friend fresh in our minds! Thank you!

  3. Manda and Matty,
    It’s hard to believe a couple of weeks have passed already since you two left. The pictures look great and it sounds as those the trip is getting better and better.
    Life here is moving along. The Franczyks, Bernas’ and Langans are heading to South Dakota on Sunday; however, unfortunately, Dakotah and I are unable to go. It will be really strange to not have any of our family around.
    The Bombers are 1-2 and Buck Pierce is out with an injury. I’m sure Matt would be going crazy watching the games.
    Take care you two.
    xoxoxo, kell

  4. Hey guys,
    Good job!! Sounds like you guys are doing amazing things and I’m really enjoying following your blog. We have a little one in Bohbohkazi and went there this year with the group. It is really fantastic being able to re-live some of this through you!! Thanks for the amazing updates and photos.
    God Bless!

  5. Hello I miss you. Hope you are having a good time. Iam going to the Black Hills with gramma and grampa. Can’t wait till you come home.

    Love Malachi

  6. Hello Amanda and Matt,

    It looks like you guys are keeping pretty busy and enjoying every minute of it. Matt hope you have a good time at the tournament. Time must be flying bye for you. Miss you guys … God bless and love you.


  7. Hi Amanda and Matt
    Everything sounds wonderful and you are doing a FANTASTIC job. I continue to love the photos and recognize much. Still praying for you as you experience so much and serve so well!

  8. Hello Amanda and Matt
    Greetings from the ‘Peg. Sorry to say but you are missing a gorgeous summer in Winnipeg so far…but I’d actually be there with you in Swaziland!!! 😉 are holding my sponsor girl (from Enaleni) on your lap with her sister. Her name is Thul Sile, but I don’t recall her sister’s name.
    Were you able to give Samkelo Mkhatjwa the letter I sent?
    Blessings to you both as you keep us connected through your experience! I sincerely cannot wait to see your pictures and hear about your experience in Swaziland!! See you soon!

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