Luke Commission Medical Clinic

What a great day. Today Matt and I joined an organization called the Luke Commission Medical Clinic. It was amazing to see.

The doctors are from the States and they come every year and travel through Swaziland to provide free healthcare to people in rural areas. The set up they had was impressive. They got a detailed medical history of each patient. Then they would send them for HIV/AIDS testing. By the time the patient left they would know if they are positive andthey would then have access to free treatment. Also patients had the opportunity to meet with a doctor privately and be treated for any other health issue they may have. A pharmacy was set up as well where they handed out free medicine prescribed by the doctor. Finally, there was a eye station where people would have their eyes tested and recieve a pair of glasses. It truly was an amazing sight to see!!!

For those who have been asking, I cannot remember the Make’s name who passed away. I do know; however, that it was Vusi’s mom. She also has other small children who attend Enaleni.

Tomorrow we are going to meet with some teachers from the carepoints as well as some teachers who have just arrived from the States and talk about ideas that they can use. I think it will be a neat experience.

Matt also says thank you for all the birthday wishes!!

Thats all for now!

Amanda and Matt

5 thoughts on “Luke Commission Medical Clinic

  1. Matt and Amanda;May GOD Bless and keep you both in his loving care.Thanks for being the hands and feet of CHRIST and for being obedient in going out to see our family members in swaziland.Amanda i was always wondering why i never seen you in church anymore;well I soon found out why thanks to this blog.The pictures are amazing and the stories are out of this world.Do me a favour will ya;bring my little girl back home to CANADA when you come.[HA HA]Her name is NOMPHILLO and she is about 3years old;she is also the cutest child there.YOU can’t miss her.I will even support you’re Basketball tournament for the next 10 years or longer if wanted. With lots of love;Thoughts;and Prayers Bonnie

  2. Hey Amanda & Matt. Your story in Swazi continues to grow as you experience more and more. I am so proud of you both!

    The medical clinic reminded me of what Kelly has done with her medical missions trips. It is so neat that you got to experience that as well and I’m sure you guys will have a lot to talk about with Kelly when you return.

    Time is going by fairly fast eh Mander? Sorry we had such a bad connection yesterday. I could hear you fine but it seemed like you could not hear me as well. Maybe next time it will work better…I hope.

    Love you both. Looking forward to your next blog entry.


  3. Hi Guys, awesome pictures. Glad you experienced the medical clinic. Jayme was excited to get the text from you about it.

    Going to see a play in San Fran tonight. You guys would love it here, there is so much to do.

    Can’t wait to get home so we can get a phone call from you.

    Keep doing God’s work, we are so proud of both of you.

    Stay safe.
    Mom and DAd

  4. Hi Amanda and Matt. It is so good to see your pictures and know you are both doing great. Time must be flying by for you both and before you know it you will be heading home. I know you will have lots to share with us and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Take care, be safe and we love you. God bless you both.

    Love mum and dad

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