Bhobhokazi and dinner at Pastor Langa’s

These last couple of days have been more memorable days here in Swaziland.

On Monday, Matt, Cynthia and I were able to finish sizing all the kids at Enaleni and put the order into the store for 85 school shoes! We also spent time teaching the kids new games. Matt went into gym teacher mode and taught them games like What time is it Mr. Wolf and many variations of tag and capture the flag. We all had an awesome time! There were nearly 75 kids participating and watching.

On Tuesday we were able to go to Bhobhokazi for the first time and begin to size the children there. At first it was just the little ones so we were able to spend some time with them, which was fun. They loved Matt’s leg hair and beard and the buttons on his watch. Soon the older ones came and we began to size them. In that one day we finished sizing all the elementary aged children. Today we are going back to size the high school children.

Matt and I were also excited yesterday because we were invited to dinner at Pastor Peter and his wife Precious’s house. So after we came home from Bhobhokazi, we rushed home to wash and change. It was very dark when we set out to the Langa’s house but over the last few days people pointed out which house was theirs so we were confident that we would find it no problem – even in the dark. Sure enough we found the house right on time and made our way down the driveway. When we got to the house there were some people we didn’t recognize so we asked, “Is this Pastor Langa’s House?” They replied “Yes it is”. So we headed in the house and sat down in the living room. After a few minutes of waiting, a gentleman entered the room. He said “Visitors! You surprised us but we are happy when people come to visit!” Matt and I thought this was odd as we were invited to come over. He then said, ” So who are you and what is your business here?” Then we knew something was up. I asked, “Is this Pastor Langa’s house?” The man said “Yes. I am Pastor Langa.” Then we said, “Is this Pastor Peter Langa’s house?” He replied, “No that is my brother. I am Pastor Israel Langa.”

We all had a good laugh and Matt thanked them for a wonderful evening. Pastor Peter Langa’s house was down the road so we were a little bit late. We laughed about it all night.

It truly was a blessing to  have dinner with the Langa’s. They were so welcoming of us. The meal was delicious and the conversation was enjoyable. We learned about each other’s countries and shared about customs and traditions. We ended the night singing God is So Good and a prayer. It was such an encouragement to have spent time with them.

Matt and I are looking forward to dropping by Mrs. Langa’s preschool in the upcoming week.

Matt is also making some connections to play basketball with a local team.

Amanda and Matt

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6 thoughts on “Bhobhokazi and dinner at Pastor Langa’s

  1. wow, sounds amazing guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! I hope you have an extra special African birthday today! Love the pictures…it’s great to see your faces, and the beautiful smiles of those little kiddies! Continue doing the amazing job you guys are doing! Love you lots!


  2. Again, I am so proud of you two. It sounds and looks like you’re having a wonderful time. Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope you have a extra special day. I celebrated a birthday in Africa once; it was one of the most memorable ones I’ve had. I trust yours will be too.
    I love you both. xoxoxo.
    p.s. Eric’s team finished second in the soccer tournament and Craig is in the final.

  3. Happppy Birthday Matt. Hope your day is amazing.
    Dad and I are having a great time in San Fran. The city is quite amazing. Dad has had clam chowder and fish everyday.

    Sounds like you guys are doing a great job. So many kids are going to be able to go to school. I love the blog entry today about going to the wrong house. Very funny, they sound like such nice people. Not sure I would have invited such a big guy into my house.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    Love you guys.
    Mom and Dad O

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to keep everyone updated. It’s so exciting to see the pictures and feel like we’re a small part in the transformation that is happening at the care points. I must admit that I was surprised to see the little child in a “snow” suit! Went to the internet and checked the weather – apparently it’s winter now! That explains the jacket you’re wearing Amanda. Praying for you both – The Ingels

  5. A quick note to say hello and THANK YOU for the pictures, updates and all that you are doing to serve at our beloved carepoints. We were saddened to hear the news about one of Enaleni’s Magaes. Which Magae was it? We will pray for her family. It was so good that you could be there to offer comfort and support.

    We laughed at your story about finding the Langa’s home. Israel is such a nice man … I enjoyed meeting him when I was there in March.

    Have you seen Ncumcile? How is she doing?

    Happy birthday Matt! Hope you had a great day!

    Also wanted to let you guys know that Vionna passed away early Monday morning. I wanted you to know since you interacted with her in KidZone and were a part of praying for her at our Team Prayer Times. The funeral will be Monday July 19th. Really feeling a loss and a pile of grief.

    Many blessings to you. Love your servant hearts! Praying for you!

  6. Amanda/Matt

    Thanks for sharing the story of the wrong house. That was really funny. I can’t imagine that happening in Winnipeg and getting the same reaction from people. Only in Africa I guess.

    Happy Birthday Matt. I’m sure this is a birthday you will always remember considering where you are.

    It’s very exciting to hear that all those kids will have a new pair of shoes for school. I can’t imagine shoes bringing so much happiness to kids.

    Love you both.


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