Big Bend Care Point and Swazi Candles

Wow! What an amazing last couple of days!!

Yesterday, we traveled with the D-Team to a care point called Big Bend. Before we left, Kriek warned us that this carepoint was very different from Enaleni and its situation was much more desperate and desolate. Was that ever true!

The carepoint is very remote and is not developed like Enaleni. You could see the difference in the kids as well. The kids health and general appearance was poor in comparison to the kids we saw at Enaleni. Some were not clothed and many were sick.

We were able to assist the D-Team in updating sponsorship profiles as well as play soccer with the kids and take many photos! We even brought them a brand new soccer ball, which was a huge hit!

Matt was touched during the soccer game when his running shoes got dirty. When the kdis saw this they rushed over and began to blow the dirt off and wipe the shoes clean. You could tell they thought those shoes were special. It was an eye-opening moment where we were given another reminder of how fortunate we are as Canadians.  We had a blast with the kids and are thankful to have had that experience.

Recently, one of the Mage’s who worked at Enaleni has passed away. We wanted to pay our respects on behalf of ourselves and the church. So after Big Bend, we went to her house with the D-Team and Precious and were able to pray and sing with her family. It was pretty amazing to expereince this. Matt was able to share some Scripture to encourage the family. The mother expressed how she was so blessed with how many people said what a wonderful person her daughter was. She had helped so many of the kids at the carepoint. Six kids were left behind and will be taken care of by the oldest sibling.

On a lighter note, today we were able to spend time with Kriek. She took us to Swazi Candles, which is a tourist destination that has a market, several shops and a restaurant where we had lunch. The candle shop was really neat to see, as they were all hand made in the shop. It was a great time of conversation and fellowship. Matt even began dicussion about possibilities related to the fundraiser, Hoops for Swaziland, which we hope to make an annual event.

We are so excited to go to church tomorrow at Enaleni. We really look forward to meeting everyone and worshipping together.

Thank you to those who have followed the blog thus far. Your comments are encouraging and greatly appreciated.

Amanda and Matt

5 thoughts on “Big Bend Care Point and Swazi Candles

  1. Hey guys sorry the call didn’t work out. It was good to hear your voice for a couple of minutes today though. We are praying that the work you are doing is making a difference. Sounds like you both have been able to connect with so many Swazi people. Enjoy church tomorrow and we will be thinking of you while we enjoy Riverwood. You both look so happy in the pictures you have included in the blog. Keep updating the pictures and blog as so many people are watching and waiting.

    Love you both.
    Mom and Dad O

  2. Hey guys! Awesome updates! I love the pictures! The kids are beautiful! I am so glad you guys are having such an amazing experience! Keep up your awesome work! We are very proud of you guys! Miss you and love you!


  3. Hey Matt and Amanda
    The Big Bend sounds very much different than Enaleni. I am sure you experienced a host of varied emotions. I am sure the kids loved being with you. I recognized some of the Enaleni kids with Amanda. I am sorry to hear about one of the Mages. I wonder which one it is?
    Love reading the blog and seeing the pics. Looking forward to hearing about your worship experience. I know that I love that part! Praying for you.

  4. Dear Matt and Amanda
    I was very moved in my spirit when I read the letters on the computer. We are so glad to have a little part in helping the children in Swaziland. The Lord bless both of you and give you strength and health for every new day. May God’s spirit guide you in everything you do. Remember your hands are God’s hands extended.

    Love you and pray for you
    Uncle Bill & Oma

  5. Hey guys,
    Thank you for taking us along to Swaziland with you. As someone who’s experienced it recently, I know how blessed you guys feel just being around such spiritually rich people. I loved being in the church service!
    I’m very sorry to hear about the Mage (Make). Thank you for expressing our condolences. Like Brenda, I wonder who it was.
    Blessings and safety to you guys for the rest of your trip. Oh, and if you see a little girl named Busisiwe, 7, (she laughs louder than any kid there!) please give her a huge hug for me and tell her I think about her everyday!

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