9 thoughts on “School Shoes for Enaleni

  1. Hey Guys!
    Thank-you so much for the pictures!!! I can’t tell you what a great surprise it is to see them, especially when you didn’t expect them…
    Thank-you again,
    Say hellow to Precious and Peter from her ‘Brother’ (Sibusiso) Jason and I will pray for you as you make your way through the countryside. ‘If’ you stop into Emafini – confrence centre, say hello to Sufiso the chef for me with a big hug (he was the fellow who’s wife passed away the day we left he’s only 23 and a very strong believer), and a few yards away from there is the Teen Challenge Centre where Danene Goulet who goes to Riverwood is working on a 6 month tour at an orphange for Teen Challenge out of that site. Pastor Kevin I believe is in charge there. It might be worth a visit if you have the time, Danene might be overwelmed by encouragement to see you.

    Thank-you again for the pic’s, keep them coming please.
    Love and Blessings from Canada,
    Jason ‘sibusiso’ Ryan

  2. So good to her that the children will get school shoes and the joy they will have to see some more Riverwooder’s! I wish I could be there too! I thinks it’s 8 or 9 more months and counting… Thanks for the pictures and I look forward to following along on the blog. Oneof the Magga’s at Eneleni has a son named Seseckelo who is a awesome little guy, around 9 pr 10 bald head with brown school clothes and Khetsewi Sr (15) AND kHETSIWE DLAMINI JR (9) are awesome too.Please give them all a hug Jr is our sponsor kid. Heck give them all a hug and tell them the tall bald guy will be back to hug them all!!!

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures. It brings back memories and a longing to go back again. I will be praying for you.

  4. Oh wow!! How very exciting to see the new church building! It is so wonderful to see Pastor Peter’s vision come to life.
    I know that there are so many children, but if you have an opportunity please give Senzo (4yrs old) a BIG hug for me. Also pass on my Hello’s to the D-team…they are such a blessing.
    Have a great time, and can’t wait to see more pictures of your amazing trip.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Will be upholding you in prayer,
    #12 2010

  5. Thanks for the great update. Fabulous pics and it is so cool to recognize exactly where you are. The church looks beyond amazing!!!! Fantastic about the shoes. Say hi to Cynthia for me. (and anyone else that remembers who me!) Praying for your energy and all that you are experiencing.

  6. Hello Swazi team (4th edition)! We are so thankful for the photos from the carepoints. It is so good to see the progress and those beautiful children. Thank you for taking so much out of your lives and giving it in such an incredible way. I have to tell you, my heart and eyes instantly swell up when I think of the work that you are doing, the people’s lives that you are impacting and the hope that you both are bringing to our kids. Remember when you hug any one of the kids, make it a good one as there are 1200 people in Winnipeg sending love thru you to them. Thanks again and may God bless your journey and keep you safe.

  7. Hello Matt & Amanda!!! Wow! I had no idea you would be posting on the blog. So good to hear you arrived safely, and so far things are going well. The church looks AMAZING!!!! It is SO big! Seeing some of the kids get school shoes is so wonderful & uplifting. What you both are doing is SUCH a blessing to those kids, and THANK YOU for giving of your time, and espec. your love! Please give the D-Team, Jumbo & Kriek, Pastor Peter & Precious a HUGE hello from me, and please, please, give Samkelo Mkhatjwa from Enaleni a hug for me. I don’t know if he’ll remember me, but that’s ok. Blessings to the both of you, and I will continue to follow the blog.

  8. Hey guys that church looks huge! Can’t wait to see it in person someday! One of my favorite memories was the church services we were fortunate to attend in the old building. I have no doubt that they will fill this building soon and raise the rafters with their awesome and passionate singing.
    Thanks for all you work and fundraising that you have done. I hope you guys have a truly rich experience as you serve over in Swaziland. Looking forward to the rest of your blog updates.

  9. Oh my goodness the church is amazing! I want to be there with you so badly. Thank you for posting the pictures and everything you are doing out there.

    Give the D-team, Pastor Peter and Precious a huge hug, and if you happen to come across Kaliwhe, give her a big big big hug from us! Tell her we think of her every day!

    We are thinking and praying for you!

    Lesley Knodel and family!

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