School Shoes for Enaleni!!

We have now been in Swaziland for 3 days. It has been such a great experience so far.

Yesterday was our first day working with AIM. Cynthia, a D-Team member, has been working along side us, helping with translation and navigating where to go in our car. She has been amazing and we are so grateful to have her with us.

Today we went to Enaleni. The church looks unbelievable!!! We could not believe how far they have come since the team started to build it in March. It is huge!! There are going to be able to fit the whole community in that church!!!!

When we first arrived at Enaleni there were not very many kids. We were told it was due to the weather, as it has been cool and rainy. So we decided to go spend time at some other care points to see the kids there. Unfortunately, the other carepoints were the same – no kids.

We knew that school was going to end so Matt, Cynthia and I headed back to Enleni. There were a few more kids there so Matt decided to start a small game of soccer with 2 of the boys. Soon more kids began to come to the carepoint and this small game turned into a game of about 15-20 people! We all had a great time playing soccer together. It was awesome to see more and more kids trickle in and join the game.

When there were a large number of kids we decided to start sizing them for their school shoes. Back in June, Matt and I ran a fundraising basketball tournament called Hoops for Swaziland to provide children with school fees. The tournament was a huge success. With this money Matt and I are buying school shoes for the kids at Enaleni and Bhobhokazi.

So after the soccer game we lined all the kids up and began to size them for their new shoes! They were so excited! It was really neat to see. We cant wait to go back and size the rest of the kids as well!!!

We feel so blessed to be here and know that God is going to do great things!!!

Amanda and Matt

2 thoughts on “School Shoes for Enaleni!!

  1. Wow the church looks amazing!

    Our sponsor child is Machawe Dlamini and he is seven. He goes to the Enaleni carepoint. Our family wants to thank you for blessing him with new shoes for school (if he’s around) and also for blessing the carepoints with your amazing energy and love.

    Thank you for keeping Riverwood in the loop:)

    Blessings and safe travels,
    Lisa T.

  2. Wow…(tears are definitely welling up right now) Thank you, thank you! That God placed it on your heart to go to Swaziland and see those children again (1st time for Matt 😉 ). To host a fundraiser for their school fees/shoes, and to just love on those kids….thank you. Will be praying for you!

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