Arriving in JoBurg!!

Blog Entry 1: Tuesday July 5, 2010

Well we finally arrived in JoBurg after 26 hours of traveling.

It was neat to see the world cup fever in the airport. The airport has really been updated since the last time I was here.

We were lucky enough to find a guest house to stay in near the airport. We weren’t sure if that was going to happen though because there are still a lot of people coming for the world  cup. In the morning Matt and I will be taking a shuttle bus to Swaziland.

It’s 1:00am here and we can’t sleep! Our eyes are wide open!!

We’re really looking forward to heading to Swaziland tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for safety and that we will be a blessing to the people we work with!!

Signing off,

Amanda and Matt

3 thoughts on “Arriving in JoBurg!!

  1. Cool!!! I didn’t know that you would be updating the blog. I was checking other things out and saw this! I will follow your journey and adventures and be praying for you. I hope that the bus ride was Ok and that your place in Manzini is great too! Looking forward to following you. Love and prayers

  2. Glad to hear all is well and that you made it to your first destination. Hope you guys are able to get some rest. Excited to hear all about your adventures to come. Talked to Mer last night and all is good.

    Miss you guys already. Dad and I and Jaym are praying for you.


  3. Uncle David and I are thinking and praying for you. We are so proud of what you have already accomplished. This is a true testament that each and every one of us can make a difference in the world – you have proven that. Looking forward to your next update. Take care.

    Love, Auntie Angie and Uncle David

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