We are in WASHINGTON….

We made it over the big pond without too much issue.  And you will be proud of us….NO ONE got in trouble this time.  Not sure what the difference is……

A few quick pictures of us in Washington airport….waiting for our flight to Chicago and then finally home this afternoon!  We are excited to see our families….and we were VERY excited to have a visit to Starbucks this morning.

See you all soon!

One thought on “We are in WASHINGTON….

  1. well, thanks for updating us…. I imagine by now some culture shock has set in….. grace to you, and rest, and treasured memories…. I’ll pray that God replace the pain of leaving the children with joy in remembering them, and continues to empower you to share some of the newfound gift of perspective that you worked so hard during the week, and months to prepare for….

    praying for you…. can’t imagnie how all the spouses are doing…. they’re probably counting down the minutes and some almost jumping out of thier skin to see you guys….
    blessings and hope

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