Safari Pictures

We had an awesome day today….safari…lunch….and we visited a place called Swazi Candles…it was great.  We also had a chance to have a goodbye supper with Jumbo and Kriek and it was so fun….we got to give them their gifts and it was very meaningful to them….Kriek LOVED all her scrapbooking stuff.  Anyway….here are some pictures from our safari….

8 thoughts on “Safari Pictures

  1. Great pics of the animals. Almost home, there are at least 4 people that can hardly wait for you to get home Bren. Looking forward to Friday. See you then.

    Love Cheryl

  2. Hi Everyone!
    It’s sad to think there will no longer be these posts for us to look at the pictures and read the comments about the day that connect us to Swaziland…can’t imagine how you all must be feeling having actually been there and now saying your goodbyes.

    We’re praying for safe travels for you and some good sleep on the way home. That is, if you can stay out of trouble!! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you guys and hearing all about it in person!
    Rod and Rena

    P.S. Shelley, we’ll maybe have to try and book a weekend to get through all of your pictures with you! :):); Jon…We’re thinking you won’t need anything to help you sleep on the way home and you better get some rest ‘cuz you’ll have some excited boys and a wife eager to see you :); Doug, looking forward to hearing how this year was different than last…we’ll make sure there is a Dr. Pepper on hand. 🙂

    blessings everyone!!

  3. Hi All,

    Thank you so much for all of your up dates. It has been great to “travel” along with you on this amazing journey.

    As you come home, I will be praying that your reverse culture shock will not be too tough on you. (I am still dealing with reverse culture shock after 6 months!)

    Africa is a wonderful place that changes you in a way that others don’t always understand. As you deal with leaving the people you have come to love, my prayer for you all is that you will let your experiance reside in your heart forever.

    As someone once told me, so I tell you…..

    “don’t resist the uneasyness you feel about being back in Canada, imbrace it.”

    Use this experiance and what you now know, to remind you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

    Blessing on each of you,


  4. Kelly ❤

    You're home Friday! I've loved reading about / seeing all of your adventures. So cool to see how God has worked in and through you all. I'm sure it'll be tough to leave. Can't wait to hang out when you get back and hear more stories!

    Love you! To the power of ten.


  5. You totally saw better animals than we did!!!! Lions? Rhinos? you are so lucky!!!!

    Cant wait to see you tomorrow Kelly!!!!!

  6. Love the safari pics! Looks like you saw lots of big game. Too bad the deadliest hunter was asleep by the time he was photographed. . .


  7. This is just so classic…
    I’m surprised you didn’t scare the animals away with your snoring…Lions and Rhinos and Scott, OH MY!!

  8. loving you all…….. may God’s love and blessings envelope you and His comfort and growth follow you as you do experience some culture shock…… don’t be hard on yourselves….. embrace the different perspective that God has given you, and try to be patient with the rest of us, treasuring up in your hearts stories and the seeds of growth for future years that already are sprouting in Swaziland…. just a note…. this years pictures looked SO different…. I SAW HOPE! not a dullness of survival (although occasionally we did see posted pictures of the realities of what it is like over there) but so many many instances where there was an expectation… a mischievousness, seeing smiles, relaxed, not posing for camera, but ENGAGED in life…… engaged and able to soak in the fun, the love, and reflection of Christ’s light flowing and overflowing through Christ’s Spirit through you to the people out there…… these are the memories that really matter… the stuff worth paying attention to…. I’ll pray that integration of those memories and paying attention to the things our crazy lifestyles “demand?” will be a growth experience inspired by the work in your hearts and the sunshine in the kids smiles…. and don’t be afraid to kick some of us in the butt if ya catch us being dull and ungratefull for the things and blessings we have that really matter…… I agree with Todd (although I don’t have any governance rights, of course) … you guys should be hired….. I pray the current of helping us be aware of the other 3/4 ers of the world won’t stop… that you’ll continue to ‘lead” our church…. be enriched, rest well, relax deeply….. enjoy the fellowship of the team and friendships you’ve made…….. may God deeply replenish you people and enrich you in the weeks and months to come

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