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Jason “the brick ninja”

Well I waited for some time to do this, (mostly because the blog computer was always at a premium) but here I am now. There isn’t much more specific that I can add to all the thoughts and comments you’ve all read from the rest of the team.

This has been a great team to work with, the amount of laughter, compassion, forgiveness and hard work that this team had left in my heart and memory have been more than I can say in words. The real blessing is that I get to see these people over and over again over the next weeks and months and remember the blessing that they have been.

Loving the children was the easiest part of the trip, I spent the majority of my time with the building crew, doing my best to learn from them, make them laugh and encourage their hearts. When I did finally have the opportunity to spend time with them it was an opportunity to love the simplicity and joy in a tough and trying set of circumstances that these children face day after day. After the time my wife Charlene and I spent in India, we learned first hand that a child’s love and joy is the same whether it’s playing with a stick or a PS3. It’s us that understand their circumstances, their perspectives are so simple and limited when it comes to what they have, their joy does not know their despair and I pray they never have to lose that innocence.  Their hugs and hungry looks are not to be lost in the hope and love we feel with every giggle and laugh, every smile and every accomplishment we are privileged to be a part of.

Thank-you all for your comments and prayers, the time we shared reading and creating, laughing and crying over all your comments and our blogs (or BLOBS as they’ve become affectionately known by here) has become one of my greatest memories. This is a great experience, I received and met my new sponsored child, and I used my heart and my hands to work here. I hope you all start putting your pennies aside ($56 a week) and you can experience this blessing too.


Jason Ryan

1 Corinthians 3:9-11


Sanibonani! Ninjani? (Hello and how are you?…in SiSwati of course J) I LOVE their language!

Well…what can I say? What an experience? The children are ABSOLUTELY beautiful, have the greatest smiles, hugs, and giggles. I am continuously amazed with how little they have, and yet the joy they exude is overwhelming. I have to tell you that I tried Impala twice, which is a huge shock to those who know me J The Safari was FANTASTIC! I have taken over 1000 pictures, which I hope to show you at some point! Thank you so much for your prayers, emails and blog comments, because it made me feel connected to my friends and family in the ‘Peg. I can’t wait to see you all! I definitely will miss the beautiful weather in Swaziland, and I’m not looking forward to the cold weather and the snow that just fell.

See you VERY soon!

Shelley Dupuis

2 thoughts on “Blog Posts Wednesday

  1. Hey Shelley and team…

    Sorry for taking so long to write but we are thinking of you and praying for you…it sounds like you are having a fantastic time…and it looks like Gino is the entertainer…hmm…imagine that. God Bless you all as you do his work. Take care and look forward to seeing your pictures…well…maybe not all 1000 of them. Love you lots…L&Z

  2. Hi Shelley. Looking forward to seeing you and praying that you have a safe journey home & don’t arrive too exhausted. We’re celebrating Janelle’s 18th B.D. Saturday and soon will celebrate Auntie Rachel & George’s ELOPEMENT in Victoria last week! God bless you all in your awesome work and touching relationships in Swaliland that you adding to your Memory Books.

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