15 thoughts on “Pictures From Tuesday….Last Day At Enaleni

  1. Wow, lots of photos!
    Jon – do you have a blue sky app for your photos? Crazy how beautiful the weather looks there, aside from that whole horizontal rain!
    I know how difficult today must have been for each of you. The only thing I can tell you is you will remember the events of this day for a long time. Today is painful, but as time goes on you will look back at today as a wonderful time.
    Enjoy your Safari! Vegas has the over/under odds on the amount of rhinos slapped at 2.5. I’ll take Gino to go over that!
    Amy – the madness has been crazy here. Kansas lost so the pool is wide open! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Jackie says Hi M-amy!
    All the best on your trip home and I pray for grace and patience as you settle back into your North American life. Not everyone will be able to comprehend the events that you have experienced in the last two weeks.
    Enjoy the rest of your time together!

  2. Wow so many pictures. The building looks great, you guys got so much done. And all those kids….just beautiful.
    Sleep well everyone, knowing that you have made a difference! In their lives as well as in yours.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow and we’ll see you all on Friday at the airport.
    Jason, I can’t wait to see you and hear more about the trip!

  3. Hi guys and gals! Not sure if you are going to read these again before you come home but I thought that I would post one more before I see you again on Friday. I have it on good authority that the thing you say to people who have done the things you have done, shown the heart and the courage that you all have and acted as ambassadors for our Lord the way you have is quite simple, “Well done, good and faithful servants!”

    Know that I and we (collective Riverwood “we”) are all proud of you and honoured to have had you represent all of us over there. I look forward to your sharing upon your return and I will do my best to try to undersatnd but I will admit there will be things you all take away from this that will be bewteen your team and between you and the Lord only and I encourage you to treasure and hold on to them.

    LeeAnn, sweethreat, I don’t think I have ever been so proud to be your husband and so happy to stand behind you as you have taken a step out in your faith and done this. Really sweets what else could I do? I only wish I could have expereinced it with you but God has a purpose in all He does and in this instance that is good enough for me! I will see you on Friday, if you are looking for me I will be the one chasing the two crazy, giggling little girls around the bagage carasel! Have a wonderful day on the Safari honey and I will be thinking of you!

    To the rest of the Swazi team, again well done and have a safe and uneventful trip home. See you soon!



  4. Hey Team! So impressed with how much church your team can build in just over a week! Your hired! Riverwood needs a new one of those and you guys could probably have it up in a month!!!

    Loved the pictures of Peter and Precious in the Team Canada t’s!

    Have a fantastic Safari and trip home!


  5. WOW team way to go.Wishing you all God’s continued Faithfulness;deep inner peace;an amazing fast trip home;lots of cazy stupid fun on the safari tomorrow and perfect rest for the remainder of your journey.Carolyn just so you know as of this past sunday your family looked ok and somewhat healthy to me.But again I only did see Carly and Todd and not the other 2 girls of yours.I also don’t know anything about the dog.Carly did tell me though that her dear old Dad was taking good care of them.I told her just to hang on bit longer as very soon mom will be home to take proper care of them all.[ Hopefully they will all be there when you get home]I’ve been saying my prayers for your poor girls ever since you left.I will also be having to say lots more prayers after Todd reads this.Hopefully he won’t even see this.Brenda I have sure missed seeing you around the church on sun mornings.Team when i see all the pictures and here all of the stories about our Family members in Africa 1 thing that you all do for me is inspire me that yes I can do this amazing trip also God willing.My biggest fear is having to have any needles ever;but even that with I know that God will also not only help me with that horrible fear but bigger and better than that God will also take away that aweful fear for me because I know how much he Loves me.And if all of you guys and gals can have all of your shots so can I.Love thoughts and prayers 4 u all.until I see you all again real soon.Love in the Lord Jesus Christ. Me Bonnie Irwin


  6. Hi Swazi Team!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! I log on every day to read what is happening on the other side of this planet and I have been moved to tears on more than one occasion. What each of you are doing is incredible and I urge you to stay strong and keep at it. The pictures are breath taking too.

    Anne – I can’t wait to hear all the details of your trip during our next coffee chat! 🙂 Miss you and I will continue to pray that God does an amazing work in you while you are on this trip.

    Safe travels home,

  7. Hello Team Swazi!
    Although I am a little late in adding my comment to cheer you on in this beautiful journey to Africa…please know you have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout the last couple of weeks. Beautiful pictures, beautiful church( the building you’ve been building & the people!), beautiful seeds planted in the lives of our extended Riverwood church. Well done team Swazi. Looking forward to your stories(LeeAnn-I expect details!). Enjoy your last couple of days and rest in the promise that God is faithful to finish the work He’s begun…in your hearts & the people of Swazi. Praying for God to continue to pour out many blessings, rest & rejuvenation over your hearts in the coming days. Safe journey home.

    Cheering you on…
    your fellow Riverwooder,
    Angie 🙂

  8. Well done everyone. I am so proud of you Breanne and so proud of everyone on this team. Looking forward to Friday!!


  9. Great job Swazi Team! The work that you have accomplished is amazing. I’m sure many of you are thinking if you stay just a little longer you can get the whole thing done!

    Have a great safari…can’t wait to see you guys get home.

    Kelly…looks like you’re in the thick of things with the construction crew! Way to go girl. Looking forward to seeing you come home and share your stories.

    Luv you and very proud of you,
    Dad (& mom of course)

  10. Stay in Swazi! woke up to a few inches of snow here today!
    Bring home some great weather please.
    Safe travels.

  11. Hey Swazi team….photos are so fabulous. Great job on absolutely everything!

    I was regretting not asking someone to check on our sponsor kid, Sisekelo and then I read your blog entry Scott, and couldn’t believe when you refered to your little buddy Sisekelo! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

    Happy Safari everyone and safe trip home to winter. ; )

  12. Anne You look so happy and snuggled in the photo with the little child. I’m so jealous …. I know , I know I’m not to be jealous but I am! Enjoy and see you soon. Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

  13. I am so proud of all of you for anwering God’s call to go on this amazing trip! You are all doing an awesome job, and making all of us fellow Riverwooders very proud! I have enjoyed following the trip on the blog. I can’t wait to hear all about what God has done for you on this adventure!

  14. Yay, some Shelley pics! Loved this set. I was especially moved by the photo of the child drinking by the well.

    Safe travels home, gang!

    Team Willms

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