This trip has just been indescribable. Just when I thought I had the best day of my life, the next day came and it started all over again. The highlight of the trip was getting to meet our sponsor child, one of the first children to show up at the Bohbohkazi care point on Friday. We got to spend a few days playing with her and getting to know her; we found out that she is in preschool and has been learning English so we were able to communicate a little. It was heart wrenching to watch her leave at the end of the day after handing out the care packages…I watched her walk until she was so far away, she was just a dot on the horizon. I really miss her already and hope that we will she each other again one day. I know God has amazing plans for this care point and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for these beautiful children.


Hello Riverwood! Sanibonani! Wassup?!

What can I say? Sorry I haven’t blobbed yet, but as you know I am computer challenged.

What a week. There really is too much to say on a computer to really express what an adventure I am having. In the last week I’ve watched the physical beginnings of a church building rise up out of virtually nothing. And I am so happy to be part of the first stones. It really is quite the honor. The people here have been fantastic. Pastor Peter and Precious from Enaleni and Pastor Walter from Bhobhokazi are amazing. But the true blessings have been the children. From the first day, when I was used as a human jungle gym, to today, as I was part of the team handing out care packages, the kids have really touched my heart.

Many thanks to my peeps that have sent hellos and prayers across the waters – it’s great to hear from you all.

Xiam – I miss your hugs Sunday mornings.

Dodie – I’ll be back on the lighting board before you know it.

Warren, Ester, and Family – thanks for your support. I can feel your prayers. Good luck in Vancouver.

Tell Sara I love her and miss her. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Gotta Go,



THANKS TO ALL WHO COMMENTED ON THE BLOGS. The computer was in caps lock so I thought maybe God was telling me something! Thanks to Joelle and Dale for going safari bike riding with me. I got to do a brake stand right in front of an awaiting crocodile… wait for it… it was awesome!

I have a prayer today I want to share.

Lord hear my prayer, please fulfill the prayers I have prayed over the children. When I held them in my arms and hugged them, you were hugging them. Whether I kissed their cheeks or nibbled on their arms or toes it was all in love as you have loved me. I’ll leave them with the words of Spock “Live long and prosper”. These words could never be more fitting to me considering the average life expectancy is around 33 and prosperity is sought after but seldom found. Oddly circumcision is viewed as a way to help prevent the spread of AIDS and I was told that there is an entire ward devoted to circumcision. God I pray that you would give them a great medical teacher that would open the eyes of the doctors and nurses here. Pray for the safety of the children as I will pray for my little girls safety. The children at the preschool sing a song that goes like this “I say no to abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse”. I will make sure that someone video tapes it because I believe it should be shared with all the children of the world. Lord hear my prayer, amen.

6 thoughts on “POSTS FROM MONDAY

  1. Hey Amy!!! It’s me! I miss you soo much but it’s been really good here. How are you? I bet your having a blast with all the kids there aern’t you? Im sure they all will be crying when you leave. What kind of stuff have you been doing?
    Well amy, I love you so much and I’m be praying for you every chace I get! 🙂 I can’t wait till you get back and can tell us all the stuff god did while you were there!
    Be safe and play a bunch of soccer for me!
    P.S Hope everybody there is doing well to and have fun! I’l be praying for you to1

  2. Hello Swazi Team! I FINALLY got my butt in gear to see what you’re all up to and WOW….I have been crying ever since logging on to this. Thanks for that by the way.
    Carolyn – is that your “girl” in the picture. You both look so beautiful. So happy for you and the moments that you are having out there. We miss you and Todd has been in a puddle of water with all the tears since you’ve left. He’s hanging in there though. 🙂
    Doug – we had your face pasted on a few screens at church this Sunday – the one where you were sticking out your tongue with that precious little girl. such a good photo of her – not you so much – kidding. 🙂

    You all look so happy out there. Thank you for everything you are doing to help our Care Points. Without you….well, I guess there’d be 20 other people there….but it wouldn’t be the same :). Joking aside. You are all such an incredible blessing to Riverwood and to our Carepoints. Thank you!!!
    Be safe,

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Taryn runs to the computer to check out the new pictures every time she sees me logged in here. 🙂 It’s so good to hear their innocent comments and hear the wonder in their voices as they see what you’ve posted. My little fellow can now say Enaleni! He’ll grow up knowing there’s friends across the ocean.

    Ron, thanks for making my day. I miss you too, so double hugs next time OK?

    Scott’s Blog – Lord I lift up Scott’s prayer in agreement. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and to partner with our friends in Swaziland. Please protect these little ones from abuse, malnutrition and AIDS. Lord, bring hope and health to them, and through them – to the nation. Amen.

  4. Hi Everyone!
    I just wanted to say that I am praying for all of you and I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I am enjoying reading the blogs and looking at all the beautiful pictures. Mom, I am so proud of you for doing this again but I am looking forward to your return on Friday, we all miss you!

  5. Hi Team!
    We’re thinking about you in a special way as you’ll be saying your ‘good-byes’. We can’t imagine how tough and emotional that will be, but we do know that the footprint you’ve left on their hearts and they on yours is a forever thing.

  6. wow- I love the picture of you with your sponcer child, Carolyn — she always looks so strong, and sometimes serious… this was a wonderfull one capturing the softness and bond God’s been building
    hey -scott – glad you got your but in gear…. and yes….. am praying the same prayer, especially re the whole circumcision ward….. how tragic that the kids have to have an awareness of the stuff they come up against tot he extent they have a song for it…. but I’m proud of them singing and being soooo couragous….
    thanks team for going over there and being able to shower them with love and , well, let them for a little more kiddish….. it just occured to me that your silliness and playing with them is almost the greatest gift you can give them over there….. and the promice that Christ is always with them, and that the whole church is loving on them and praying for them….. they are in our hearts throughout the year….. so, now that Pastor peter and Walter have cameras, we’re depending on them (in spite of the courageous 24 times 7, 365 day dedication and workload they already have) to feed us with photos/ blog updates (every month/ few months) so we can continue to be cheering them on…… and have our orientation challenged as well while we’re in the midst of affluence….. blessings, will be praying for a special God-moment of transitioning peace and joy during the next day or so

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