11 thoughts on “Jason's Video Blog

  1. Okay, I was pretty pumped today to see the photos you displayed for the days end.
    I saw our sponsor child – Scl’mphilo holding up that paper bag puppet of some Bible story character – not Jesus is it?
    If you recall those photos of him last year up on the church screen for the whole promotion of sponsor children you will know why this is so neat. He was the boy in the torn pants, with the green shirt on week after week up on the church screen with a very sad face.
    Jon, you told me how he often looked sad. That has always struck a chord in me knowing as our sponsor child that life doesn’t seem carefree enough for him. I know he was living with his grandmother at the time and that his mom was ill -maybe passed on already. So… to see that photo of him today with a bit of a smile on his face and then the photo of a few boys with those bag puppets and him was a gift to me today. Thanks for taking that photo – Jon?

    The church walls are coming up – yeah! Sorry about all the rain, but be in good spirits and soak in all the African worship as you listen to the rhythm of Africa in voice, and in the rhythm of life there.

    Yes, one of the blog comments from Sandra about being in Africa and falling in love with the people there and taking a part of Africa home with you is so true.

    Hey team keep up the good work – continue to encourage each other and build one another up when you are weary.

    We are so joyful at the work God has begun in each of your hearts ….

    Shirley Peters

  2. hey gang, don’t get frustrated that the video isn’t loading up…. you’ve given us SO much to digest and pray for anyways

    will be really praying that it works… can’t wait to be prevailing with you in prayer and rejoicing with you in strength (and some tears)
    blessings (I’m in mozilla, will try IE)

  3. It’s friday morning, I’m off to work soon, just re-reading your comments and looking at the photo’s again and the thought came to my mind… will these children be sad when you go, as much as you love them, they must be incredibly blessed by you too, they must be touched and moved by your presence and by the power of Jesus through you all. They obviously remember some of you from previous visits and you are devoloping relationships with these beautiful children. Praying that they feel special, and loved more than anything else by your love and attention to them and that they aren’t too sad when you leave for your other lives on the other side of the world.
    Keep up the good work, it looks sunny there, praying there is no more rain, AND NO MORE BIG UGLY SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the frog was cute.
    Bren, Kier called me when she was lost, I was praying hard, b/c it was the blind leading the blind, I got her back to century, but that was all I could do, but she got there safe and sound in spite of me.

    Love Cheryl

  4. Hi Breanne,

    We continue to remember you and the whole team in our prayers. We pray that you will get the rest you need. It’s great that you get to experience another culture like this. We’ve never been the same since we went to West Africa. God bless you as you serve.

  5. Hi Swazi team and Kelly,

    Gino…your video blog was very touching. It really expresses how God has touched your heart with the needs of the people (children) their. I’m sure that’s true for the others as well. I can tell that there will be lots to share when you guys get back.

    Kel…it’s great to see your smiling face!:) I see you are working out of your element as a nurse but in your element as someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands drity. I know your heart Kel…and I bet that Swaziland is becoming as precious a place as Liberia is to you. Remember…you have a loving family expecting to see your return home so no ideas of staying there okay!!

    By the way Eric is sure enjoying your car! So far no incidents (knck on wood!!)

    Luv you very much and miss you a lot. Keep smiling babe!

    Still missing your suppers!…Dad

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I feel such a sense of joy and love radiating from the blogs. I have been thinking and praying for the group since Saturday. You guys have not been far from my mind and heart. The love of God you are giving those children is truly remarkable. Stay strong and Healthy. You are in my continued prayers.

  7. Hey Kel,

    Dad showed me how to get on the blog. Looks like you are all having a great time serving in all the different areas. I knew you would love getting your hands dirty . Great pictures!

    Love mum

  8. Hey guys
    That amazing photography makes me feel like I am seeing what you are seeing. Awesome!

    Just want to give a special shout out to my groupies, Amy, Dale and Natalie. Your small group is behind you all the way and praying for you lots (we’re praying for everyone else too!) I am already planning a small group pot luck event so we can get together and hear your stories!! Can’t wait!

    Love Karmen Neta

  9. Keep up the good work Swazi team. I just love how all of you are connecting with the children. This blog is fantastic. Thank you to all of you who are taking the time to write to all of us. Jason I’m so glad you are there. I miss you but I’m thankful that you followed this prompting to go. All of you be blessed!

  10. Hi:Jason and friends all I can say is wow !!Looks like u r in a great church. I now wish I cauld of got in volved! That looks like something I cauld have sunk my teeth into. Seeing the pictures and reading the stories.. Kind of chockes me up… I was out at Grindstone on the weekend . Blazed a new trail towards the tracks . trying to get some gravel , all i cauld get for vallenture s was a 58 yesr old crippled man and a 45 year old man missing 3 fingers. Uncle Earl and Jon. blew a wheel bearing on the quad trailor-trailor. still lots of ice . The lake is still frozen to the shore… Anyway Jason your video doesn’t play?… God bless all of you ,and we’ll keep praying Love Laurie…

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