15 thoughts on “Video Blog by Gino

  1. Endearing video Gino. Thank you for sharing your day and your heart! Can’t wait to see more. It makes me feel like I’m back there with you guys!

  2. Hey Gino…don’t usually see you lost for words…thanks for being so real and vunerable. It helped me to get a much better sense of it all. hugs to you and Sandra and to all there. Praying for you all! Gwen

  3. All things for a reason…..I’ve been hanging on to that lately, and it appears you all have as well in your situation. Nothing touches the heart like singing african children. Thanks for posting that video and filling us in so clearly as to what is happening. Doug…I can jsut picture you givn ‘er on that guitar with all these little dark faces around you 🙂

    Betty (mom)

  4. Hey Team!

    Way to give it all you got! Way to lay bricks… and love kids! Way to get up after the rains have washed away your work and serve with an even more determined heart!

    We’re right there with you! Not a minute goes by that another Riverwooder isn’t thinking about you and praying for you!

    And remember… “With all this going for us, my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don’t hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time or effort.”
    1 Corinthians 15:58

    Now get some rest!

    – T

    PS… i knew it! I knew under that rough and tough ‘tackle-anything-that-moves’ exterior was just a warm, mushy marshmellow! 🙂 Way to communicate Gino!

  5. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about #18!
    Way to get real with us … very raw. It’s funny how the things that we have to adapt to and alter can sometimes be more memorable than something we have planned for months, both for you guys and the kids.
    I love it when they sing songs, takes me right back. I can still hear them in my head clear as day. Wait until the church services!
    Have a great nights sleep!
    On a side note, who are the lucky ones staying at Chateau Scott & Mitch this year? Beware the “Hot Shower of Death”! It burns!

  6. Oh Gino, in terms of primitive building methods, wait until you have to cut the metal for the roof with a machete and a hammer! One inch at a time!

  7. Gino,

    Thanks for shooting a video and sharing with all of us. (Great idea by the way).

    I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and real with all of us back here in Canada. Way to go. I’ll be praying for you and the team.

  8. Hi Team,
    Thank you so much for sharing like you did Gino. I loved the video. As for the work being washed away, that was just God’s way of getting all of you huddled together and praising Him as you loved on those kids, and helping remind you of who all that work is for. Remember God has placed everyone of you there and we are all thankful that you followed the call to go. What a great experience. I am so thankful and praising God that you are experiencing all of this.

  9. G, in small group last night we studied about how our horizontal relationships with our brothers and sisters is what God wants from us, how the verticle relationship is compromised if we neglect it. That we can fool others about the verticle because no one can really see into out hearts, but the horizontal, the way we love each other is a direct indication of our true hearts. Way to love you brothers and sister Gino, we are all proud of all of you, keep on lovin each other, it will carry you through it all!

  10. Gino my friend, my heart goes out to you and the rest of the team and I am so thrilled that the Lord is moving so powerfully in you and everyone there! But on a serious note, stop being so touching! Did you not read my last message! I am trying to REPRESS my emotions for two weeks and having you continually showing a loving, godly, sensitive and Chirstlike stance on camera…I have never cried so much in my life. And I have broken bones man!! Seriously though, you and the others are truly inspiring and I continue to pray for all of you!

    Now for those who may be hearing or reading this, a word of caution. I am about to say something to my wife that she may just think is the most romantic and satisfying thing she has ever heard me say…ready for it…? Here goes, LeeAnn…YOU WERE RIGHT (even hurts coming out on the keyboard)! Looking after these girls solo is tough and I am finding it very challenging (as you said it would be)! Don’t worry though, our wonderful friends and family are taking great care of all of us! We miss you sweetheart and the girls and I pray for you every night!! See you soon and I love you!

    PS – Gino if you make me cry one more time…to the moon Gino, to the moon!

    God bless all of you!!

  11. wow- it’s strange…… other years I’v cried and cried…. so I was expecting emotional catharsis and getting to sleep by reading the blog….. and Gino, well … all of you….. you are stretching yourselves beyond belief, and i would imagine, by now the noveltyof working together, living together 24 hours a day may be wearing on some of you….
    but wow….. I AM SO EXCITED and PUMPED…….
    thanks for yoru vulnerability in going across the ocean and opening yourselfs up to that culture and the enviroment….. I was remined of tom davis’s book scared, and how in it theres a scene of the torrential rain and how it’s often life threatening over there….. it’s absolutly wonderfull that you and the children were able to focus on what really matters in this trip – the ability to have ehart connections and HIS love out…. it sounds like you go SOAKED by the kids reflecting HIS love back to you…. jin the midst of the challenges, and the hardscenes you will be seeing, know that you are HIS Jesus’s with skin on, and HE will orgastrate and empower and protect you………….. and if you ‘lose” your strongness, in the midst of the 3rd world… know that he is using that in the msot wonderfull way….. thanks for leading our church, and continue to be open to those crazy emotions ….. remember, you won’t often have the chance to be SO moved or touched…… this is a chance in a lifetime…. let God use it Jer 33:3 …. actually whole chapter, and Romans 8 – when you don’t know what to say or how to say it… trust God will still be movign in HIS Spirit

  12. Hey cous! (Gino and Sandra) Thank you for sharing your stories, pictures, and videos. Reading your updates is inspiring to all of us . Not only are you having an impact miles and miles away, you are also making a difference back home by sharing your daily updates. I can’t wait to read more …keep them coming!

    We are praying for all of you. Love Mark and Sabrina

  13. Hey Cousin Gino and Sandra, we just had your sister Rosanna over and her family over for brunch, and wanted to say we are thinking of you and your church community while you are in Africa doing God’s work. May He continue to Bless you all throughout this journey. You are in our hearts and prayers. Love Carmela & Jonathan.

  14. Awesome video, Gino..but what’s up with the post about the flight attendants yelling at you ? 😉 Seriously, you all take care, my friends ! Safe journey home !


  15. God Bless you guys. I’m certain your work and care is being appreciated and felt by those you are ministering to. Our prayers for a safe stay and trip home are with you all. Awesome job guys, all the best.

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