15 thoughts on “Pictures from Wednesday

  1. I sit here in tears again, sheesh, you guys, stop doing that please. Gino’s video was very touching, I’m sorry you lost a day;’s work, but seems like everyone is okay with that. I started crying just looking at the pictures.
    Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could bring Pastor Peter and Precious to visit our church in WPG?? Though from what I understand, our worship is pretty tame compared to theirs
    Bren, the girls are coming for dinner on Saturday so we will all be together here.
    Hope everyone is well and no sickness is upon any of you, I’ve been praying for your health.
    take care
    love Cheryl

  2. OK! You have just made a pile of ‘latrine-builders’ from last year’s team VERY JEALOUS with that gorgeous hunk of yellow equipment!

    Carolyn… love the smile that Ncumcile brings to your face! Love ya!


  3. Hey Brenda, Thank you for sending the link to this blog. Following your team this way is a real inspiration. Wow! Please be sure that I will continue to pray for you and your whole team!
    Love Elaine

  4. SOOOO great to see Riverwood on the ground again in our adopted communities, loving the kids and working hard on the building! It almost feels like you guys are at “home” and it’s the rest of us that are away.

    p.s. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Jon!!!

  5. God Bless the Team and the wonderful work you are doing! Just to let you know my dear brother-in-law Ron, all is well at home and we pray for everyone’s safety and continued enlightenment on this glorious journey ! Bye for now, Love your family!

  6. keep up the good work we all hear are happy for what you are doing. we will pray for you all and all come back safe we all miss you guys threre. take care.

  7. Wow, I am blessed by your blog. What an awesome site. The pictures are so precious. The snow is melting here – what am I saying you guys don’t care about snow!!!! When will you be going to Bhobhokazi? When there if you find yourself in the company of our child (7 year old Zinhle Zlyane) please give her a huge hug from us. We are praying for your safety, health and that God will richly bless all that are touched by this mission trip.
    Big hellllllooooo to Brenda, love the picture.
    Love Connie

  8. I just love the blog. It is so cool to see all the pictures and hear everything that is happening each day. Thank you for sharing with all of us back home the things that you are doing. This blog feels so much more real to me than last years because I had a chance to get to know so many of you before you left. To see you there in the pictures with the kids is awesome. Enjoy your time there and remember that many of us are here praying for you. Be blessed!

  9. It’s just amazing to see what you guys are doing out there…we live in a bubble on the other side of the world not thinking about what goes on elsewhere and it makes me sad but also so proud of what you are doing!
    Doug, the pictures all look great! You look so happy and at peace with those precious children. Ryan and I are so very proud of you and we’re praying for everyone out there!
    Keep sending the pics!

  10. Hi Natalie, Dale and Joelle,
    We’re so glad that we can follow you on your adventure through this blog. What a great idea! We’re praying for you every day!
    Lots of love,
    Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lisa

  11. wow from what i see in the pictures u guys are doing a fabulous job building the church building…and Mom i know ur doing a great job with the kids thats ur thing after all. oh i took T.J. to the vet and got lost again my goodness LUV YOU MOM!!!!

  12. Hello Swaziland Team! It’s been awesome to have the blog and feel connected to what you are doing over there. The pictures are fantastic and they really do tell their own story. One of the favourites – other than the one that Rod loves which is Doug and the girl sticking their tongue out at each other 🙂 – is the picture of one of your hands holding on to one of the Swaziland children’s hand…what an incredible picture of the relationship building that you are doing with them and that our two churches are doing with each other…praise God!!!
    We pray for strength, energy and continued joy! Know that you are thought of regularly and that our hearts are with you.
    Doug can you take pictures of our sponsor girl, Andile? We’d love to have a few more pictures of our girl. THANK YOU!
    Take care Riverwood team,
    love and blessings,
    Rod and Rena

  13. Hi Lesley. We are following your adventure. Good to see your pictures the other day. Keep well. Mom and Dad.

  14. Wow! I’m speechless. The photos are gorgeous; Gino, your video is so beautiful and touching. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.
    PS Sandra, I think I heard you laughing on the video of the cow. Didn’t I warn you about that!

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