Where's the beef?

Last night was a goodnight for most.  Jason….well let’s just say he’s wearing earplugs tonight.  The team was bright and chipper for breakfast and we enjoyed eggs to order and some great food.  Jumbo, Gino and Jon left to go and fetch the cargo….the care packages that we shipped ahead of time.  After much searching, frustration, and to our disappointment, we discovered that our pallet was vacationing in Dubai.  We did however, overcome our discouragement knowing that it will work out.  The shipment should arrive on Thursday and we are scheming a way to get it to Swaziland.

While they were gallivanting at the airport cargo station, the rest of the team decided to teach some of the locals how to play football….and by football we mean football.

Many of the girls started playing with the skip rope….double dutch it seems, and then some of the guys (Jason) tried it as well.  We’ll call it….a spirited effort.

We finally hit the road about an hour and a half behind schedule….but in great spirits nonetheless.  We had about 5 hours of travel time on the bus….and we decided to learn some of the songs that we had prepared for the kids ministry.  You’ll be happy to know that we spent the better part of 2 hours learning a very complex song.  Let me write out the lyrics for you….

Verse 1
Jump up and say hello. Jesus loves us all.

Verse 2
Jump up and sing goodbye.  Jesus loves us all.

Well….that all the verses.

We debated chord changes, pauses and some lyric adaptation.  We came out with a masterpiece adaption.  The second verse to read….jump up and SAY goodbye….brilliant isn’t it.

As we write this together, we are all doubled over laughing….but only because it is actually true.

The rest of the ride was very enjoyable as Swaziland is a beautiful country.

We swerved to miss a few stray cows….speaking of cows, we stopped for lunch at the local Whimpy burger….and as we sat inside we witnessed a cow that came right up to the burger window….is that how fresh their meat is?  Check em out on the video

[cincopa 10567515]

We arrived at our conference centre and unpacked and settled in.  It is a wonderful place.  Unfortunately, due to our morning setback, we were not able to visit the carepoint for a part of the afternoon….

We did however enjoy the rest of our afternoon as we met up with Kriek, Jumbo’s wife and she walked through orientation with us.  It was so great to see her again and for many to meet her.

We enjoyed a wonderful supper….and then sat down for our team meeting.  We had a meaningful time reflecting and anticipating and then we enjoyed our favourite moment reading the 17 blog comments together.  Thank you to all who commented….it is such a joy to hear from home.

Now we are getting supplies ready for our big day tomorrow where we will visit Enaleni for the first time and hopefully begin building the church!  The team is doing great!  We can’t wait to share pictures of tomorrow.

As well, you will all be happy to know that none of us got in trouble today.  Way to go team.

The excited and full of anticipation Swaziteam!

24 thoughts on “Where's the beef?

  1. Hey team, great to know that you guys are connecting so well and having great times.
    Gino – Things will get better for you. Not everything goes off without a hitch. It’s often how we deal with our setbacks that speaks to others. You’re still doing the #18 proud!
    As far as getting into trouble tomorrow, a sure-fire, guaranteed way is to run up and down the sand piles so that they are totally flattened. Bonus points: Invite the kids to do it too! That will get you in good with Kriek!
    Blessings on all of you. Your pics make me feel and wish I was there with you, especially because I think I know the Wimpy burger you speak of 🙂

  2. I am gald to see that none of you got into trouble today. Although I would keep my eye on the blonde with the green tanktop, she has been known to be an agitator (just kidding sweetheart!).

    I am glad to hear that the missing pallet will be in this week, all that work would have been a wate. I continue to pray for success and safety for all of you and that God would be glorified by your efforts!

    LeeAnn the girls are doing great (other than their schemeing which resulted in them overflowing the bathroom sink this morning…long story, but no damage other than my nerves). We are all proud of you and are looking forward to see you again soon. Have fun loving on those kids tomorrow and I look forward to reading about it. Talk to you soon!

  3. Hello Swazi team 2010!
    glad you all arrived safe and sound..and I am sure it was the longest flight of your life!
    Life at Riverwood rolls on…had a fantastic time listening to Tom Davis and what he had to say on Sunday. First service he showed a video of a woman in Swazi and made me realize how well off we are here in Canada and how much I am thankful for.
    speaking of thankfulness…it’s spring here! the snow is almost all gone and this means scooter season shall being SOON!

    Amy Roe….hope your ipod lasted the flight
    Doug Remps…take lots of pics! i am sure you brought your camera!
    we are getting ready to rock some Urban Camping friday night…you two will be missed. we shall eat some bannock in your honor.

    Bunny…..glad you are on this journey as it’s your first missions trip!!! woot woot.!!!

    remember all…drink expired power aid…it does they body good! Hydrate it up~

    Sending up some smoke for you all.


  4. Hey Everyone!!!

    Glad to hear the first few days have been good! Im jealous of your shorts and tank tops although I cant complain too much since its been around 10 degrees the last few days.

    Kelly! I got your email today and it was good to hear from you! Im sure mom is happy to know you are good, as I am sure she has been worrying about you!!! Remember to say Hi to all my friends for me, especially Delli, Thandeka, Tenali and Xolile! Love you lots sis!!! Cant wait to hear from you again!!!!


  5. Hey everyone – glad to hear you made it safe and sound – after a gruelling flight. Wishing you guys a safe, fun and blessed beyond belief time. Love the pictures and stories – so great to live vicariously through you all.

    Praying for you all – hope you’re sleeping well Carolyn – and thinking of you Brenda no wimpy burgers for you 😦

    Take care – look forward to many more posts.


  6. Hey Swazi Team,
    Glad to see everyone is in better spirits today and that you have not been asked to leave or thrown out of anything. I am sure that the culture shock has now set in so sad that you didnt get a pic of the cow with its head in the burger shop, would have been a great laugh. If any of you did please post it :)I assume Anne that you are on your best behavior and that you didnt see if you could fly the plane on the way over 🙂 or were you one of the ones that the flight attendant gave a warning too? Glad to see everyones doing well. Praying for you all!


  7. We had a great Sunday which focussed on Childrens Hope Chest and what you guys are doing on our behalf in Swaziland. You are all making us proud. We had the annual meeting last night. I put a cruise in the budget for all those who went to Swaziland, under misc. Unfortunately someone caught it and its a no go. sorry. I’m still having trouble thinking of Africa and Kentucky Fired Chicken and a burger place. We are praying for you all. Jon – I meet with one of the key Aboriginal leaders tomorrow at 10 am. He represents many of the those who oppossed the new YFC Centre for Youth Excellence at City Hall . say a prayer. Pray for peace and healing.

  8. So great to hear from you and it will be a highlight of my day to read the blog–you are all so great and doing a great work– loved hearing about your antics and all your experiences. Please know you are loved and we will keep you in our prayers. Give my love and a hug from me to all the kids that you meet in Swazi. Give my son Jon a hug from his Mom too. Blessings Sue

  9. Wow, loving the read today. Thanks for shooting some pics of the fresh meat!

    Carolyn, you’ll be pleased Todd got his plan passed of blowing out the front wall of the church and adding the new space to the sanctuary. He says “no problem guys, we can get it done- heck we can mobilize this and get- er- done before the team returns” he also mentioned that it was probably best done while you were gone. (just kidding)

    We’re thinking of you over there. Can you say a special hello to our sponsored kid for us – “Musa Mabusa”. Gino- if you could show him how to replace the batteries on the stuff we sent in the care package- I’d appreciate it tonnes! (yeah, I should have talked to you both before you left)
    Praying for you and I’ll be singing along….. thanks everyone for making a difference in each of those lives- especially for us who couldn’t be there….xo (mostly m) & m

  10. Hi, I just got back from AB. Glad you had a good trip. I am sure you will receive the pallet of supplies intact from Dubai.
    I prayed for a safe journey for you folks. Hope you have a great time there and help those people have a better life. Take lots of pictures. I pray for you every night. Your my one and only baby girl. See you soon.
    Love ya, pops

  11. Hello all! Love reading all the comments. We will continue to pray for all of you to stay healthy and safe and that you enjoy every moment of your adventure.
    Scott your Aunt and Uncle are very proud of you!! Riverwooders are proud of ALL of you!

  12. Hi Riverwooders!

    I am so proud of all of you for being our ambassadors to Africa and bringing hope to the people of Swaziland. I just know that you will do a great job!

    One request, please leave something for me to do next year 🙂
    My prayers are with you all. Deb Schwartz xoxo

  13. Hey Amy,

    Glad to hear you guys arrived safe and sound! Your Superstars missed you tonight. They came up short 10-8 but played really well. We talked about the many things we have to be thankful for that we normally take for granted. We also prayed for you! I reminded them about the blog. Blessings on you and the rest of the team. May God make you a blessing to the people in Swaziland. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip!


  14. Hi Aunty Amy,
    I hope you are having fun. Do you like the animals? We like seeing the pictures of Africa and seeing the video of the cow running down the street. Why is the cow running free? What is your favorite animal? Daddy got your birthday card today.
    We love you.
    Todd, Jakob and Heidi
    gccvbvnnnyreri8]gbfm; (special message from Heidi)

  15. Hi guys..just read your blogs and could feel your enthusiasm and God’s presence in them all. In Sunday’s service there was a picture of a beautiful little girl in sunglasses and i could not take my eyes off her..just wanted to reach out and hug her..so i know you will do that for me to each of those precious children. It is so awesome to know that one day we will all meet…who knows, maybe i will be able to go on a mission! ..praying for you daily.

  16. Congratulations Swaziteam 2010 for enduring the very long flight! We are so very proud of you for taking up the call that God has placed in each of your hearts and can’t wait to see the great works that unfold from it! And if you all keep an eye on Doug you run less of a chance of leaving him behind anywhere! hehehe
    Have a great time, say “Hi” to Kriek & Jumbo from the Nikkel Family and hug all those beautiful children from us! Miss you already Brenda and wish I was there with you! And Jon, I have all the cards from the kids and will get them out this week!! Thanks for the opportunity to help!
    Love you all and God Bless!

  17. Good morning to you all, though I know it’s not morning there, hoping you had a wonderful day at the carepoint. Was everyone happy to see you all? Did the kids remember you? Bren I can’t stop thinking about our little girl Nosipho and Mitch’s little girl Nokulunga, I feel so invested in them, I feel like I know them and are a part of their lives, though they don’t know me. They don’t know that their pictures are on my fridge and in a frame in my home for everyone to see, I can’ look at them and pray for them everyday. Please take lots of pictures of them if you can. I pray they are well and healthy and are not infected with HIV, and that they have healthy happy lives with parents who love them.
    Things are fine here, the snow is almost gone, it’s been so mild.
    I love the football photo, those guys look so graceful and light on their feet. Are they really graceful guys?
    looks like they are having fun.
    Praying everyone stays healthy, isn’t too homesick, and is feeling ready to take on your big tasks. I pray protection on you all from the one who seeks to hurt and destroy.
    Love Cheryl

  18. Hey “Swazi Crew”

    Most of you don’t know me but a few do and I just want to say that as I look over this swazi site i’ve come to realize that I’m jealous that your there and I’m here, but what will be will be. Hey I’m confident things will go well for all of you and a special shout out to Dave Park – thanks for the laser printer my breakfast brother, I might even use it some time

  19. Hello there,

    Awesome to hear you all arrived safe and sound!!!!
    We here in Devon Alberta will be praying for you all, God Bless each and every one of you for the work you are doing! Stay safe!
    p.s. Ron, spoke to Sara yesterday and she is doing fine 🙂

  20. Hey Swazi Team…
    Wow – we are so excited for guys. We know God will use each of you in a wonderful way to love + serve…

    Did you feel that……??…that’s a giant group hug from your church family for each of you…

    Luv ya guys…our prayers are with you… Max & Deb

  21. Hi guys,

    We’re obsessively checking the computer to see what you’re all up to. Wish so much we could be there with you! Sending our love & prayers as you serve.
    Hey Lesley, stay out of trouble!

  22. Hi Everyone, Be encouraged and assured you are in our prayers. It looks and sounds like you are having the experience of a life time. Hang on to each moment. May God bless your investment 1000 fold both for those you are there to help and shower love upon and your fellow saints as you work alongside each other and may God touch deep places in your heart to create a new and/or deeper love for others as you serve Him. If you meet Tekhaya Dlamini, a beautiful 7yr old girl, our sponsor child, please give her a big hug from us and tell her we love her dearly. God Bless you all.

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