From bad to good…..

Wow…what a day. It started out so frustratingly for me as the missing pallet of care packages was very disappointing to me. But for every negative thus far, there has been a positive. I was very ticked this morning but my teammates just loved on me so much that it just all went away. What an incredible group of people; most of whom I did not prior to our first Swazi meeting. But this group has really come together so much in the very short while. Brenda has taken on the role of “mom” to all of us and is waking us up on time and everything. It is so good to be with these people. I am enjoying myself incredibly and we’ve only just begun!


One thought on “From bad to good…..

  1. Hey, glad you got there OK. Kid Zone was a rockin yesterday and Rick tried to sing tenor AND alto to cover your parts, it was well intended.
    The church had the yearly meeting last night and you will be glad to know as Carolyn will that all available funding, donations, capitol funds and gifts are being diverted to Kids Zone. We should have the “KidZone Colosium” built by the time you get back! (dont tell Todd).
    Anyway, have a great day and I will look forward to reading and update soon.
    Peace BIC, Mark-

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