We have landed

We have landed in Jo-burg.  It was a grueling 18 hours.  Highlights of the flight include….Kelly being told off by a fellow passenger for playing crazy 8’s, Gino getting told off by a flight attendant for standing, and Scott just about missed the bus trying to get a picture with Obama….a cutout that is….ironically he got the picture but was standing in the way of Obama.

It was said that after taking a little medication, Jon was not very coherent for much of the flight….but feels well rested.  Ooops….Shelley said to only take half the pill.  We just took a poll, and about half of our group actually was in trouble with the flight attendants….we are not sure what this means.

Jumbo picked us up at the airport after we cleared customs with no trouble…except for a quick scare that Ron thought he had lost his passport.  Please have full confidence in our group.

It was so great to see Jumbo and Elliot again.  We look forward to trying to get some sleep tonight….and to traveling into Swaziland tomorrow.

Good night from all of us sore bottomed team!  We can’t wait to visit our carepoints starting tomorrow.  We do feel God’s blessings already!

The Swaziteam

20 thoughts on “We have landed

  1. Good to hear you all made it, even it 50% of you got told off by someone not on your team. Just a note to Amy R, Sens got hammered by my Canucks last night 5-1, and Jon, GO Leafs Go! They almost blew a 4 goal lead on Edmonton but persevered just like you all on your long flight. Sleep well.

  2. Good to hear you are on the ground. Praying for you. Good to have Tom here this morning to share even more of Swaziland and committed to pray daily for you. Scott… o picture with Obama – you didn’t miss anything

  3. I am happy to hear that you are all safe on the ground in SA! Looks nice and warm there. I hope all of you get a good nights sleep and some rest for the big day tomorrow. We were told in the service by Todd today that you guys all sit around and read these as a team so here is my contribution to remind LeeAnn of the man she married. Honey, I know that you wrote doen change the clocks on the claendar but, yes you know were this is going, I still forgot and went to church an hour late. On the bright side I did get to meet Tom because of my mistake and as a result I have a surpirse for you when you get home! Be safe guys and gals, I look forward to reading about how God will be glorified through your efforts!

  4. hey guys hope your having a blast! me and the rest of the knodels are praying for you. have a good 5 hour trip on that bus tomorrow! good luck rhino slapping! lol! miss you and good luck. 12 more days!


  5. Hey Swazi team,
    So glad to hear you’re on the ground. I can hardly believe you’re on the other side of the world. Been thinking about you guys constantly for the past 2 days wondering how you’re doing and where exactly you’d be every few hours. Gino, we missed you this morning in KZ worship. Sandra, Julie says to make sure you you keep any laughter to a low volume or you may start a stampede! Love you guys!

  6. It is so awesome to hear that you have arrived safely! The trip already sounds like an adventure, and I bet it will be even more exciting then the annual meeting…
    The work you have signed up to do is so amazing and I will continue to pray for you guys throughout the trip.

  7. I was incredibly moved by the guest speaker this afternoon – yeah, made it to the last service – springing ahead doesn’t always mean spring ahead literally, and by your last post, I’m sure some would agree.

    Mr. Davis reminded me of the truth about the hope there is when you are clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, caring for the abandoned, widows and orphans.

    The poor are important to Jesus and Jesus smiles at you today for your obedience to make the difference in these lives. In a short while you will meet people for the first or second time. As you travel and there will be a lot of travel, reflect and be mindful of the hope that is being offered to them and to you. Remember those first smiles; ’cause you will never be the same! God bless you for the work you are doing in His name!

    And to my small group pals, Dale, Nat & Amy – we are thinking of you in a special way – !

    You are so very inspiring!

  8. As I write this, a few of you might be up and about ready to tackle your first full day in Swazi. Has it sunk in yet? If not, I guarantee it will shortly! As you prepare nervously for your first day, I just wanted to share with you
    1 Corinthians 2:9
    No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.
    All your preparation to this point and all your expectations are about to be realized, but you still have absolutely no idea what God has prepared for you the moment you step foot off of that bus at Enaleni. There will be nervousness and anxiety about that moment, but fear not as God has prepared that for you in advance.
    PS – Please take care of our good friend (and roommate) Elliot, the driver!

  9. Hey SwaziTeam2!

    What a day! i was an emotional wreck for most of it! (Note to self: GET A GRIP!). Carolyn… i need you! Come home! 🙂 Actually i think it was a real combination of things stirring my heart. Missing my sweetheart was a part of it… but it was bigger than even that! Today represented another dream come true. Tom Davis’s visit caused me to remembered back just 2.5 years ago… when i first picked up Tom’s book (Red Letters) and connected with him. Today I sat in the service and realized that in just 2 and a half years we’ve sent 44 people to serve in Africa, sponsored over 150 kids, changed the trajectory of 100’s of lives, invested close to $150,000, build some enduring partnerships and friendships and now you’re about to build a church, deliver 100’s of packages and moments of hope and beat back the forces of darkness in a powerful way.

    Team! i’m so thrilled each one of you said “Yes!” when God nudged your heart to go give your life away!

    Lead on! We’re right behind you!


  10. Hi everybody. Great service today at Riverwood. Tom Davis painted a clear picture of the work that is being done over there and how when people like you get involved and shower God’s love on the sick, widowed and orphaned, you are pushing the devil back and reclaiming God’s land and His people.

    What you guys and girls are doing there is amazing and so important I can’t find the words to describe it. I wish you all the best and look forward to sharing this journey through your updates.

    Be brave, be strong and know that you all are being prayed for and supported by your Riverwood family.

    And to my lovely wife Lesley, I am very proud of you and Love you!

  11. Hey team”trouble”. I believe that where ever Christians gather there is fun to be had. At times we are just sorely misunderstood. I saw that Douglas is back in the fold so hopefully there will be some great candids of the “trouble” and an insight into the faces and hearts God prepared for this amazing adventure. Be Blessed and know you are being lifted to our Creator in prayer. Prepare yourselves to be used and affective. maybe even in spite of yourselves at times

    in Him
    John (Doug’s uncle)

  12. Wow!!! As I try to wrap my mind around how far you’ve travelled, it is hard to believe, but it’s true obviously that you guys are very far away from us. It is 0555 here is the peg, I am about to meet with the creator of the universe and I will be looking at your team photo and lifting each of you up to the one true God before I head off to my workplace and go about my life here. I need to remember that I have a mission field too in my workmates, but just not as exciting as your mission field. So onward Christian soldiers and do what God has called you to do, I sit here with tears streaming down my face as I think of Todd’s email and when it is put into words how much has happened in 2 1/2 years it is truely God’s hand at work, we could never have managed all that without the Lord. So I pray that this is a wonderful day for you all and the start of wonderful realtionship building experiences and as you let God work through you, you will exude Christ in all you do and that those precious little souls will see through you, what we know to be true about our faith and our Lord.
    I know as I write this your day is probably almost over or is over, so I pray that it was incredible and your tomorrow is even better.

    Remember the magnet bracelet Brenda!!! Love you and miss you.


  13. So glad to hear you all landed safely. For myself…the flying would be the scariest part of that whole trip!! We’re looking so forward to reading of all what each new day will bring for you and looking at the pictures. Doug…we can only imagine that YOU were also part of that “trouble” that was talked about in the blog. We love you..have the time of your life, and we all can hardly wait to hear the stories and see the pictures when you get home. Our prayers are with you all!

    Love: George and Betty (Dougs parents)

  14. Well you are probably well on your way by now, but I am happy to hear that everyone arrived safely. LeeAnn I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing adventures you will have. We miss you!

    P.S. Mom asked where she and Dad could see the “blob” so I told her where to find it. LOL

  15. Hi Gang
    How exciting, what an adventure you are on. I know God will bless you all so much for saying yes to this great adventure that He has planned for you. I am soo glad that you arrived safely. Praying for you.
    Dave can’t wait till you come home and share the stories of this adventure with us your small group. Cam and I are praying for you, that you experience a rich time with God and the people on your team and the people of Swaziland.

  16. As I write this note I’m expecting that you are just arriving back from your first day at the care points. Your minds and hearts are full of images and impressions. We look forward to hearing all about it. May you all have a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed and ready to be the hands and feet and face of Jesus to the children of each of the care points.

  17. Hi Shelley. Got to hear all about the Swaziteam blog. Hope the humidity doesn’t get the best of you while you folks are seeing to the construction of the church. Have a good time and stay safe. Lots of love.

  18. Read your very interesting blog. What an amazing team you are part of. God bless you all in your wonderful work of spreading the Word of God and sharing your love and help to those in need. Their happy smiles will warm your hearts for the years to come. Stay safe. Love you MUCHO MUCHO.

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