Ready to go….

Wow…3 more sleeps and I leave for quite possibly the biggest adventure of my life, easily the biggest adventure thus far. Then again, I’m only 40 years old so my life is just getting started right? The last few weeks have been a blur, literally a blur. When Sandra & I decided to go on this trip, we realized that there was going to some time challenges if we were going to get everything done before we got on the plane. There was the fact that my daughter was having a birthday while we were gone so we would need to celebrate that before we left rather than after. There was the planning of my daughter’s care while we are gone…actually that was easy as we are blessed with incredible parents that are stepping into our lives while we are away. But we still needed to teach them how to turn on the TV!!! Challenges!!! There was a fundraising school event that my wife is heavily involved with and of course the Swazi fundraising event as well. It really seemed like we were getting pulled from all sorts of different directions, and oddly enough, it was forcing me not to focus on our upcoming trip. The tension in our house has been rising and sleep has been lacking so nerves are shot. The good thing is that I love my wife endlessly and I know that our “struggles” the last couple of weeks, are not our doing but the devil’s. I believe the devil knows that we, and our Swazi team comrades, are going to do some incredible work starting in 3 more sleeps, and he will do what ever he can to derail those plans. Luckily for us, we have someone bigger on our side and know in the end, He will win. So here I am asking you, Lord God Almighty, to take all our tensions, and nerves, and do with them as you wish. I won’t need them again until we get back from our trip, and by then, it won’t really seem like they worth stressing over. Prepare us Lord, because I know, I can’t do this without my wife, my Swazi partners and most importantly, without You. See you in Swazi. I can’t wait to see You looking back at me, through the eyes of a child!


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