Survivor Swaziland

Oh what a day it has turned out to be, long but great. I was blessed deeply by the testimonies at church today, they were unexpected, especially since my mom is in the midst of her own fight with stage 3 lung cancer. Sometimes things are special just because someone had the courage to open themselves up enough for others to simply identify with them. Then the Hockey Game…we were all setting up for the Survivor Swaziland evening fundraiser with the game on three screens, and the sound on the big speakers. This was our first real chance to work together as a team, setting up, offering ideas and thoughts about the flow of events, how to be efficient and organized, and really a chance to start to ‘do’ something towards our adventure…We all just seemed to break as the Over-time began, making ourselves busy, the non-hockey buffs enjoying fellowship in the kitchen the rest playing with the details around us…then…We WON! Funny how a 22 year old with almost a divine timing in his talent set a country to cheering…after the jubilation subsided we continued on to a great evening of fun and team work. Gino and Jon kept us entertained, the rest of us moving in a neat, efficient and semi-choreographed manner to make sure everything was smooth and without incident…and it was….

Not sure how much was raised, but we felt good about the process. I learned some very valuable lessons about the people I was about to embark on this 16,000km adventure with. I observed confidence, strength, spirited laughter, a willingness to serve, and a focus to make this work…whatever this is or may be. As I reflect today I think of how our spirits soared from the achievements of so few in the Olympics, their stories and their dedication. In my own thoughts, strange as they can be, I imagined a unique parallel to that picture in what we are trying to do for a couple of villages so small, I have yet to find them on any Swaziland map I’ve been able to find. The Riverwood faithful cheering us on in Prayer, support and love each one of us with a story as to ‘why’ we’re here trying to make a difference in the lives of others over there. Try as I can to recall the many amazing images from the Olympics, the cheering crowds, throngs of people wearing flags and red & white, the sheer joy and pride I felt as we showed our spirit to the world in such a gathering of competition and sport…I could only feel a great and over powering sense of humility as I read the words of Isaiah 64:4 quoted by Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:9 “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him!“ I`m proud of my country, my oldest son Aaron is applying for the Canadian Air Force, I take being a citizen seriously, yet I am a foreigner here. Who would not want to encourage anyone to know Christ when we know the eternity of Celebration that awaits…

Be blessed!


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