Welcome to Swazi Trip 2010!

We are so excited about a new year of connecting and serving in Swaziland!  We can’t wait to get there.  The journey there is quickly approaching.  The team of 20 has been set.  We leave March 13th.  We’ve got an awesome crew of Riverwooder’s that are getting ready to head back to Enaleni and Bhobhokazi.

Pray for all the planning an preparations that need to happen in a short little while.  We look forward to journeying along with each of you again.  We invite you to follow the journey on the blog.  Watch for more updates and news as things approach.


One thought on “Welcome to Swazi Trip 2010!

  1. God put us on this earth not to help ourselfs but to help others in need,for when you help others through thier troubles you find out your problems are not so bad and that you are lucky to be alive and well.
    and with that you have helped them by helping your self.
    I am Joseph Peter Zammit I’m LeeAnn Cheadle’s uncle from nova,scotia Canada. i always knew she had a calling and this trip is one of them.

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