Lonely in Amsterdam!

Well, we had an awesome sleep on our flight from Jo-burg to Amsterdam. Most of us were asleep before we left the runway at 12:30 am (after getting up at 4:30 am for the Safari).
We’ve landed in Amsterdam. Now 12:30 lunch our time…and you’re still in bed at 4:30 am.

The team has left me for a 2.5 hour tour of Amsterdam…so i have a few minutes to try to find a plug, set up a little communication’s center (along with all their luggage) and fire off a quick blog entry.

Now is probably a great time to tell you …this team has done a fantastic job. Jumbo and Kriek are really straight shooters and they said… “The Riverwood team is one of the best teams they have ever hosted!”
The team didn’t have one fight! We had a few emotional melt-downs…but nothing unusual for the intensity of the work and mission.
These people worked like crazy! They worked in 38C+ temps…they worked thru rain…they kissed, held and played with every kid around (and the kids just drank up their love!). They represented Riverwood, Canada and the Lord with integrity…energy…deep compassion and lots of joy.
Personally…i’ve never seen a team like them. They looked after each other. Checked in with each other. Cared for each other. Lifted each other up …and cheered them on.
Anyway…by $7 of 15 minutes internet access is going quick (along with my $11 coffee and muffin) here in the Amsterdam airport.
If all goes well, we’ll be landing in Winnipeg in 16 hours (8:36 pm Wpg time).
Thanks for all the prayers and support!

5 thoughts on “Lonely in Amsterdam!

  1. Don’t know if you’ll check in with the blog before arriving in Wpg. but I just want to say on behalf of Riverwood, how very proud we are of all of you! To read what Jumbo and Carieke had to say about you guys was fantastic – I’m not surprised that they would say that.You are an incredible bunch.Thanks Todd and Tanya for picking up the chairs for the Enaleni kids from our KidZone kids -sure appreciate you taking the time to do that! Anyway, the countdown is on. Can’t wait to see you guys tonight at 8:36(especially Todd – not that the rest of you aren’t important or anything – our family has just REALLY missed him) Praying for your safe return!

  2. You’re right the countdown is on… I never realized what two guys bach’ing can do to a place left without its beloved to keep eveything on track ;). Oh well, it was certainly worth it to lend her to such a awesome mission. All of us are so proud of what all of you have accomplished. I can only imagine the lasting impact on both sides of our world and am excited for the conversations I am hearing already around the church talking about the “next time”. Praying for your safe journey home and looking forward to giving you a big kiss! (Errr… for clarification the last comment was just directed toward my wife)

  3. I too am so very proud of you all…………..I can’t see the screen because I’m crying. I too have missed Mitch terribly, it doesn’t appear any food was eaten in our house, we still have milk and pop. Mitch your room is ready, your coke fridge is stalked, so looking forward to seeing you, and hearing all about your adventure. Brenda, I’ve missed you something awful, and I’ve had lots of converstations with the girls, we had a lovely dinner together, but they are sure ready for you to come back too. I’m only a sad facsmilie, not even close.It’s been a joy to read what you all have shared on the blog, and I too am so very proud of you all, so looking forward to the tales to come and seeing you all.Love Cheryl

  4. so…. I was just relaxing in the sanctuary, thinking of how you all were in bed and sleeping like babies…. and now it sounds like you’re actually still in the air!? so, are the times posted on the blog according to central swazi time, therefore? In any case, I can’t even imagine the excitement, tears, and hugs waiting for you,not to mention the endless memories that are following you to canada! And Todd, you’re preaching on Sunday? you’re crazy! ALL OF YOU! thanks for being couragous and going out of your comfort zone and following God in obedience and growth…. many prayers for you as you travel and readjust to our have-too-much culture and crowdedness…. good sleeps everyone!

  5. Dance like no one is Watching You…Our time is Swaziland is over. We’re home, we’re tired, we’re cold but what an experience. I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but I can say that we had an amazing team, lead by an amazing leader. We’ve talked a lot over the years about Spiritual Gifts, discovering them and using them to glorify God. I can say without a doubt that I saw gifts at work in Swaziland! God must have been beaming with pride, I know I was, at the site of His work being done so faithfully but such an incredible group of people. There was no “Me”…I don’t even know there was any “We” but there were buckets full of “You”. No one put themselves above others, everyone looked out for one another and we all put other’s needs ahead of our own. Wow!!!But now We’re home. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. It’s very quiet at home. I miss the sound of the children playing and laughing, of Precious singing, the D-team laughing. I miss it enormously. Being my first missions trip, I guess this is a very normal reaction but it’s been a hard day/night. God was so alive and tangible to me in Swaziland and I feel as though that was only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. I was completely changed out there. I imagine many of us were. It was hard coming home…very hard. Thank you all for the comments left for the team. We read them every chance we got and always appreciated knowing our church had our backs. Can’t wait to share our stories and adventures (and of course….pictures!!)#12

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