On our Way Home!

We’re sending this update to you from the Jo’berg airport. It looks like our flight will be leaving on time (11:55pm local time, 3:55pm back home). Just a quick update on what’s been going on the last few days.
On Tuesday, we packed up our things and said a fond fairwell to the Christian Centre before heading out to Enaleni to finish up a few projects and say our goodbyes. Todd, Tanya and Kriek went to the Manzini market to pick up some child-size chairs for the kids at Enaleni from KidZone.

We managed to finish the garden and the latrine, give out some gifts to the D-team and say our goodbyes to the kids, the D-team, Pastor Peter, and Precious by 1pm.

Jumbo and Kriek were kind enough to bring us back to their place for lunch and a chance to clean off some of the mud. Then we packed up and headed for Nelspruit, South Africa.
We arrived at our beautiful guest house, dropped our stuff off, and headed for supper at Spurs; the South African version of Montana’s.
We turned in early since we were leaving for the safari at Kruger National Park at 5:30am.
A tired group headed out to the park the next morning. We spent about 6.5 to 7 hours at the park; we were hoping to see some of the big cats, but all we saw were a ton of impala, a few zebras, some elephants, a couple giraffes, and a water buffalo (hey, at least we saw 2 of the big 5). Unfortunately, many on the team were so tired that they ended up napping for most of the safari.
We got back to the guest house, packed up for one final time and made the 4 hour drive to Jo’berg, where we were dropped off at the airport.
And that brings us to the current moment, sitting in a restaurant, updating the blog. Please continue to pray for our health (a number of people on the team are suffering from sunburns and various viruses) and safety. We’ll try to send a little update again from the Amsterdam airport.
– Sherise

4 thoughts on “On our Way Home!

  1. Lord I want to thank you for Amanda and how she poured herself out this week for Your glory. I ask Lord that you would use her testimony to touch hearts not just this week, but in the months and years to come as well. And please bless the work of her hands, that the seeds planted during this week’s VBS would become a rich harvest for You, Jesus. So many lives were touched this week. Please give Amanda comfort and peace in her heart, a good night’s rest even though it’s likely to be on a plane. Most importantly Lord, as she comes back to Winnipeg please engrave this experience in her heart. That she would learn from this experience, and that she would grow even closer to You, God. Thank You for the fellowship she’s had on the team, and please continue to grow these friendships when here in Winnipeg as well. For this next week, please grant her body rest, her soul blessings, and her mind time to reflect on what You are doing in her heart, and in Africa. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.Heavenly Father, Thank you for Michael’s involvement on the Swaziland team. We pray against sickness, and ask Lord that You would have mercy on him, and protect him physically, spiritually, and mentally. Please help him to focus on You during this transistion time. Speak to him while he reflects on his time in Africa, and give him what he needs to transition well back to Winnipeg.May Michael look back on this experience as a touchstone, to remember seeing You in powerful action. May it be a reminder that You are always that close, and that Your Love is powerful in motivation and action. Thank you Lord especially for the footwashing experience Michael had. It was so meaningful on both sides of the water bowl. You are such a great God. Thank you Lord, for what You are doing and for what You’ve done. Alleluia, and Amen.Dear Jesus,I want to lift up Nick to You and ask that You would continue to keep him safe and use him powerfully for Your kingdom. Thank You for continuing to call his heart to You. Nick went on this trip wanting eyes to see what You see, Lord. I ask that You would continue to work in Nick’s heart and that his eyes, now opened to poverty in Swaziland, would see more clearly in Winnipeg as well. Please use him to touch those who really need it with Your Love.Lord, Nick’s heart beats with music. Thank you for gifting him in this way, and I lift up his music to You, and ask that You would work through him, and continue to bless his music. May it cross social boundaries and bring people together in fellowship. Thank you for Nick Heavenly Father, and please bring him home to us healthy and impassioned for You. I pray in Your Holy Name, Amen.

  2. What an awesome team you are! In just a short while you have done such amazing work, and touched the lives of so many children and adults. It is exciting to read about what you are all doing so I hope you have enjoyed your trip.I will be praying that you get back healthy and safe and that this experiance will last with you always.Now the Elephant should be named…BeatriceI bet Nick was holding the scorpion from before.Good Job everyone!!!

  3. Hi all,In vane I was not able to find a website that tracked African flights. I have a program on my Mac that could do it but was not able to share. For some reason I wasn’t able to send a comment on the blog either. Good news is that the Swaziteam landed safely in Amsterdam and they are not over the Atlantic. You can track this flight at http://www.flytecomm.com/cgi-bin/trackflight They are on Northwest flight 55 to Minneapolis.The final flight is 1787 also on Northwest.Lynn

  4. Welcome home Swaziteam! The weather is quite a contrast to what you have experieced for the past week. This is one of many contrasts you are encountering. My prayer is that over the next several days you will be able to get over jet lag and reconnect with loved ones. You will have much to share with Riverwood. Todd has praised you in a blog entry earlier today. You have represented all of us. And set a standard for future teams to strive for. I praise God for all you accomplished in Enelani and how the lives of the people there, and you have changed. May you be blessed.

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