We've Arrived!

…in Amsterdam. All 20 of us are here and accounted for. The flight was long, but we made it without going too stir crazy (although there were some pretty lame jokes cracked about giraffes and necks). While we’re waiting for our next flight, a bunch of the team ran off to get their H&M fix.
Seeing as we’ve done nothing but sit in airports and fly in cramped planes, there haven’t been a lot blatant opportunities for God to speak to us, but it’s funny what can happen when you’re looking for his hand. I was sitting next to a stranger in the flight to Amsterdam; I usually wouldn’t strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and ask where she was heading. I found out that she was in route on a medical missions trip to Uganda. We didn’t end up talking the whole flight or becoming friends for life, but I was encouraged by the small encounter nonetheless.
You see, I’ve been struggling for a long time with all the hurting in the world; wondering what to do about it. What God showed me through this small encounter was that he’ll take care of his part as long as we take care of ours. I don’t have to worry about the big picture, I just have to worry about the one God has asked me to see.
That’s all for now. We’ll try to update you again once we’re in Johannesburg or Manzini.

Picture taken at 9am Amsterdam, 2am Winnipeg time

– Sherise

17 thoughts on “We've Arrived!

  1. hey- thanks for posting proof that everyone arrived all in one piece… I imagine that servant hearted Tim was the one snapping the picture…… the time- zones gotton to you yet? So what is H and M? May God strengthen each one of you as you learn and experience what it is to be HIS hands and feet – Jesus with skin on…. remember, you’re God’s plkan A – He doesn’t have a plan B. cheering you on!

  2. oooh….the next flight could be a tough one! hopefully it is not too full and you can each find a couple of seats to lay on. good luck sleeping!

  3. Glad you survived the first big leg of the journey. As I write this, you have less than 3 hours left till you hit Joburg. I’ve been praying for your safety and that you will find some opportunity to sleep!P.S. Todd, thanks for all the notes. (found them this morning) Can’t wait to read the first one at 5:00 this afternoon.

  4. Hi all,We were tracking your flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and praying for your. We saw several options for the next lag of your trek. Just thinking that it would be nice to have the flight numbers of your return trip so we can track/pray along the way. Hope all the luggage made it safely as well.Praying that you were able to get some rest on route and able to take in some first impressions of the other side of the world. Praying that God will use you in the next week, and he will fill you as you share the love that Riverwood sent to Enelani via your hearts and hands and feet.

  5. Yup – you're all looking good….Sleep? Who needs sleep? Come on people – GET UP – GET MOVING…you have work to do! hee hee…oh ya right – you're not there yet…kinda hard to get up & moving on a plane….then Rest if you can….till next time…. Diana

  6. Tim:Nice shot! Nice angle! Tim were you standing on the top of the seat back? That’s the proof that Tim was there: a great shot of everyone else.

  7. Thank you for posting! It’s quite exciting to follow your progress. Please know you are not alone. The God of the Heavens travels with you, and I’m sure He’s dancing with delight in your obedience to his call. Of course, we as your church family, are delighted to blog alongside you and share in the journey. :DPrayers for Tim and Karen posted in Team Introductions part 3.Dear God, Thank you for Scott, and for his willingness to take part in this adventure. You’ve equipped him with able hands, and a joyous heart. Please use him, Heavenly Father, to completely bless the care points with his willing craftmenship. Please also use him to play and love the children he’ll be meeting. Please protect him from sickness, and help him to quickly acclimatize to the time changes. Thank you for Scott,and please be with his family here in Winnipeg filling them with Your Peace.I pray in the Holy name of Jesus. Amen.Lord, I want to lift up Todd to you, and celebrate him as our leader. Thank you for giving him to us as our pastor. Thank you Lord, for leading him and guiding him along Your path to love the world one person at a time. Please protect him from spiritual attacks and hold him close to you in times of discouragement. He has chosen to strip down the layers of Canadian insulation in hopes of truly seeing as You do. Please give him eyes to see Your children, ears to hear Your will for the team, and our church. And Hope in his heart to Love those you’ve brought him to bless today. Thank you Lord for Todd, and please continue to meet his every need, to be his joy, and direct his path. It’s in Your Holy name I pray, Amen.

  8. I checked on line on the progress of your flight and read the conformation of your arrival in Johannesburg just 22 minutes after your flight’s arrival. At least flight 8439 arrived and I assume you all made it. I hope all of you have a good and productive time in Swaziland and God be with you.

  9. Great News Everyone!Good to hear everyone is safe and all accounted. It is great to know a group of people willing to deicate their time to help people in need.I wish you the best in your work.Take care and good health to all.Enjoy the short time you have to help those in need.PS Nancy how are those toes. I hope they didnt get squished on the way.You are trually remarkable!

  10. My prayers are with the entire team – have focused on praying for your safety in all aspects, inner strength to complete the things God is asking you to complete, & for open hearts. P.S. Happy early birthday Nancy! Cherish every moment!

  11. Glad you all made it safely. May the Lord strengthen the weak, heal the sick, bring joy to the weary, love to the unloved, peace to the anxious, food for the hungry, hope to the neglected and finally compassion to jump out of comfort zones. To be thankful is to first receive out of selflessness. Proud of you all in what you are doing. Wish I was there alongside you all, but thankful that this blog is here to get snapshots of what God is doing in your lives.Chees!

  12. Glad to hear you all arrived in Amsterdam safely. May God bless your trip. We look forward to hearing from you again.Sean & Leslie, Matthew is having a GREAT time so far at our place. He and his "brother" Asher are enjoying sharing a room together. Take care.

  13. Glad to hear you all arrived safely. You must be in Swaziland by now. Hope to hear more from you all.Sean and Leslie, Matthew is having a GREAT time so far at our house. He and his “brother” Asher are enjoying sharing a room together. Take care

  14. Hello to all. I hope all is well for everyone. The group you represent are likes angels from heaven to those people. I am proud to know such a group so willing to give of their time and effort. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!!(in 4 hours )John xoxo (dont blush )

  15. Heavenly Father, I want to pray today for Brenda, and cheer her on in this adventure. As she meets and enjoys the children of Enaleni and Bhobhokazi, please keep her daughters here safe, and healthy. Please use her parenting experience to be a blessing to these children who want to be loved and cuddled, and tickled and played with. I ask that today would be a joy-filled day for Brenda, and that she would treasure this time with You and Your people for the rest of her life.Please continue to protect her physically spiritually, and mentally. It’s tiring work they are doing. Please sustain her through this time, and provide for her every need. Thank You Lord, for Your provision, and for Your faithfulness.Lord, I lift Mitch up to you and thank-you for his willingness to serve today. Please bless him and keep him safe and healthy throughout this trip. He’s needing to keep his grades up while he’s gone, and I ask Lord that as he does his homework (something that is very ordinary here) that You would open his eyes to education in Enaleni and Bhobhokazi. Please continue to open his heart to Your leading, and fill him with Your Holy Spirit. Use him to powerfully impact the children there – and vice versa.I celebrate Mitch’s bravery for undertaking such a trip not really knowing what to expect there. Please continue to lead him step by step on Your path for his life. You are so faithful God, and I thank you for Mitch, Your servant.Amen

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