Ready to Get to Work!

The safari today was great. We didn’t see all of the ‘big five’…but we did see close to 15 different kinds of animals.
At on spot we came across a small pride of lions laying in the grass. What was so bizarre is that the whole area was filled with zebras, wildibeasts and impalas. We asked why they kept coming closer to the lions. Apparently the prey, with their eyes glued on the lions were telling the lions, “we know you’re here and you have no chance of surprising us and eating us…so don’t even bother.” But it was an amazing sight.

Due to the intense heat today Carolyn was seeing ‘babooms‘ and Kelly suggested we put Carolyn’s new species on the ‘blob‘!

Anyway…for the last couple of days we’ve been tagging along with the team that is just leaving. Tonight we had the ‘whole-team’ de-brief and farewell dinner. However, tomorrow we travel back to Swaziland with Kriek and get to work. For the next four days we will be visiting Care Points and selecting ours. Then we will begin to work with our village, distribute the Care Packages Riverwood sent and build some good relational ties.
We anticipate visiting 6-7 Care Points and then choosing. As we’ve done more investigating we’ve learnt that a ‘Care Point’ is a place people come to try to find food, water, schooling and church. Some are slightly developed others aren’t. Some are run by volunteers and gogo’s who cook some millie-meal for the kids…others have less than that. Some are sponsored and resourced…others are not. Children’s Hope Chest has about 9 Care Points sponsored. Ours will be #10…and the first Canadia church to sponsor one.
So…keep on checking in…praying for us…and for the people of our Care Point.

3 thoughts on “Ready to Get to Work!

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated so well! We can only imagine the way your hearts are being changed and your faith being stretched.God is good and you are carrying his fragrance with you!V.

  2. WOW – the pictures are amazing!Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you four. It’s great to hear all the great things that are going on and the experiences you all are having.Praying for safety and wisdom as you pick our care ya lotscafegerl

  3. Hey C&T, It’s us, we are thrilled to see and read that you arrived safely. We have been enjoying your blog and your pictures. We can see how easy it would be, to fall in love with any of these children! We are praying the Lord will guide you in your decisions and we look forward to seeing you here in the -30 temperatures!We love you and be safe!Dad & MomClaudia & Nicholas

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