Peter Langa's Care Point

Thursday Jan 31, evening

The highlight of the day today was visiting Pastor Peter Langa’s Care Point. We were accompanied by Creek (Jumbo’s wife) and Tom Davis. When we arrived the kids where in “school” which was primitive in every way. The “teacher” was handing out small coloring pages and the 30 children were sharing a box of crayons between them.

When we walked in, the children ran to greet us and touch us; some with shoes on, some without. Smiles, handshakes, and hugs were accepted and seemingly longed for. Our hearts broke seeing these children in such poverty and desperation. In our short time there we tried to bring as much love and joy as we could. I fell in love with a sweet little girl in an adorable little dress who just wanted to be held. She fell asleep in my arms and I had a hard time giving her over to the teacher when it was time to leave.

After an hour or so of coloring, playing, cuddling, the kids playing with the hair on Todd’s legs and Kelly teaching the kids the chicken dance we left a very sad place but a place where the pastor, teacher and gogos (grandmothers who cook for the kids at the Care Point) are trying their very best to provide care (with very little) for these precious children who have lived through so much in their short lives. It was a precious moment when we were able to gather the children, the pastor and the teacher and Todd prayed a prayer of blessing over them.

We drove out of Swaziland this afternoon back to South Africa to send off the rest of the team who will be leaving on Saturday. We are joining them tomorrow for a Safari at Kruger National Park. Tomorrow will also be a significant day also because we’ll get to spend an extended time with Tom Davis before he leaves. First thing on Saturday morning we look forward to going back to Swaziland to continue our CarePoint Tour with Jumbo and Creek.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We have loved reading your comments and feel like we are not doing this alone.

Love; Carolyn

4 thoughts on “Peter Langa's Care Point

  1. Wow…what beautiful children! My thoughts and prayers are with you and I think of you daily. Continue loving those children! Blessings on you and may the Lord continue to protect you, strengthen you and deepen your heart and love for His cause!:)shelley dupuis

  2. Hi guys, we are reading your blog regularily and enjoying the continued updates. I’m so jealous of you being able to go on a safari – WOW! What a once in a lifetime experience. And Carolyn that little girl you are holding is SO adorable. Take care and we can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. You are in our thoughts and prayers!Michelle Wall

  3. Hey, can you now see why we love Africa so much and want to return? Your safari in Kruger we have done twice. It is amazing to see God’s creation roam so freely – not in a zoo. Swaziland is a wonderful country, but unfortunately not as well sustained as our Botswana was. The needs there as many African countries are overwhelming. We are so grateful to God for this opportunity for you all and that Riverwood will be able to help those in need there. Continue to enjoy and learn from the African people! love shirley & darryl Peters

  4. wow- some once-in-a-lifetime pictures and lmoments you’v captured for us….Thanks for leading our church in activisim about AIDS and poverty- but not just speaking about it, not just commsioning usto do it, but actually LIVING it…. ging into those areas that most of us would be too afraidto look at fully…. you inspire me, and countless others I am sure, to take an active part in engaging with fellow creations, loved by our Lord, and too prescious to be forgotton, too potencially powerfull to not help in healing a nation and sustaining and giving a little bit so that they literally, will have life… praying for courage and wordsto speak during those incedible painfull moments of seeing the reality over there…May God hug each of you serving over there deeply, and coat the childrren over there with the kiss of His gentle hand and words….and you with epacefull sleep, knowing that you are making a difference in the midst ofthe epedemic

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