Cheerio from London

We finally made it alive!!  After 24 hours, we’ve experienced more than just the Grand Forks and Fargo desolate airports.  Today we flew over the Atlantic to London, England.  We felt very fortunate to be able to spend a few hours touring the sites in downtown London.  The Queen was not in a good mood and refused tea with us….but we did see the palace (see picture), lots of birds, and Big Ben.  Because we weren’t planning on stopping outside of any airports, we weren’t prepared for the cold.  Carolyn & I shivered behind the boys as they played with their cameras taking pictures of the small taxis and double decker buses driving by.  We were told never to eat near the Queen’s palace because it was so expensive, but thought we found an affordable italian cafe…..$80 later we walked back out into the cold having had a cup of hot coffee and ham and cheese sandwiches and leaving completely broke.  What a rip off….and we’re talking about the two cheapest pastors in the city.  Todd could have bought an old boat with that!

We had a neat train ride and now find ourselves at the worlds largest airport, pushing our 400lbs of luggage, without a Starbucks in sight.  Combining the boys aimless wandering, and Carolyn losing her train ticket, I feel like I’m the glue holding us together….just kidding.  We are having an awesome time….please continue praying for us as we are going on 48 hours with no shower, bed, or good night sleep.  We’re just looking forward to finally reaching our African destination.
Till next time, Cheerio.

5 thoughts on “Cheerio from London

  1. Thanks for the post. Wow, that’s a long time with no sleep!Um, I didn’t see the picture of England, but I’m sure jealous. (sinful, I know) I’d love to hang out in England for any reason. But perhaps it would be better if we just prayed for effective rest? God bless,xw

  2. hey – glad you made it in one piece…I’m so proud of you people… venturing out… how many hours till you leave London? all tickets found? here’s some stuff for africa landing- (below)internet cafes (listings for world wide…. have no idea where you’re landing in J’sburglucky you…. no scarves or long-johns in luggage? windy and blustery cold out here…..find one thing to laugh about every 15 minutes…one spot of sunshine to keep your sanity intact… praying for you (in the church coat room’s alcove) on 4th[edit this]Soho is a full service Business Centre and Internet Cafe. Includes Video Conferencing,colour and black &Fri 3pm-3amThere are over 80 Internet stations in both branches. Cafeteria servicesavailable on both locations.price: SA Rands 7.50 per 15 minutestel: 27-11-880-1523email: Mon – Fri – 9h00 to 18h30 Sat – 9h00 to 13h30address: Cnr 4th Ave., and 10th Str., Parkhurst Johannesburg 2193 South Africaurl:

  3. Thank you so much for this blog!It is so cool to be able to follow you on this amazing journey!God bless, and I will pray for you to feel rested.

  4. I am praying for peace and safe journey for all of you. It’s too bad the Queen was so prickly – she could have saved you $80 for sure! Perhaps the “Lion King” will be more accommodating. Remember that our God is amazing – he will lead you and sustain you.

  5. Enjoying your blog. Will continue to follow you from China. Packing and repacking as you did. Got phone call from Africa this am. Brother in law working with 41 AIDs widows and sister -in -law supervising 60 workers helping street children in Moshi, Tanzania. Such a huge continent with unbelievable needs.Praying for God’s leading for you.JD

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