The Adventure Continues

Well….I've got about 3 minutes on the internet to update really
quick….and it cost me $5 to do it… I'll make it quick.

Things in Grand Forks….went from bad to worse…to even more worse….to
great! We had our flight out of Grand Forks cancelled….then it looked
like there were no more routes for us until the next day….and our agent
worked really hard for us for about 45 minutes and finally discovered
another route to get us to Johannesburg by wed morning. We are now in
Minneapolis about to leave for LONDON. We'll get to spend a few hours
with the queen before we make our way to Johannesburg.

It has turned our travel time into 41 hours. Oh well….here we go.

Talk soon.

Jon & the crew.

4 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues

  1. so, how are you adjusting to all the time zone changes…. and the airline food- how’s that? have you managed to catch up on sleep- or are you all tooo wired…. how many other trips have any other of you taken overseas?wings and renewal of eagles to you……and psalm 23 blessings

  2. And so the stories begin. Can hardly wait to hear about all your adventures. Hope you can catch some zzzzz’s on the plane and in the airport!

  3. Jon & Kelly – All is well at home. Conner is doing very well. Gramma Sue & Nana Lynne taking excellent care of him and having fun in the process. Your bed is great!

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