The Adventure Begins

Well….the day started out great. We had a smooth drive to the
border, crossed with no problem, and made it in time to Grand Forks to
stop in at Target (pronounced tar-jeh) for a few last minute items.
We got to the airport and after some shuffling around of luggage to
avoid a charge for overweight bags, we were checked in with our 120
kids packs, and our luggage. We sat down for some breakfast (see
above) and got our bellies ready for the 26 hour journey to
Johannesburg. However, the adventure quickly got interesting as we
were going through the security line….apparently Carolyn has a
record we didn't know about….just kidding….however, what did
happen was an announcement came on that our plane had been unable to
land due to the fog. Our plane is currently in Fargo, fueled up ready
to go and waiting for clearance to land in Grand Forks. We'll see
what happens. We have a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis, so hopefully
things get resolved within that time span so we can catch our flight
to Amsterdam. Anyway, thought I would get the blog thing happening as
we sit waiting, and have free access to the internet. So, here we
wait with excitement to live out a dream, in a very small, quiet
airport that is trapped by fog. All in good stride. Things will work

Until soon,


One thought on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Thanks for blogging so soon. You take hope in your bags, and prayers surrounding you. I’m looking forward to reading more as you go, in the meantime, we’ll pray that the connections work well for you and that God will use this time for “divine appointments”.XTW’s (5)

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