Welcome on Board!

Welcome on board!
It’s our hope that we will be able to update you often as we travel to Swaziland and begin the search for the village we as a church will begin supporting and resourcing.
We will be taking with us over 120 Care-Packages, donated and packed by the Riverwood family.  We’ll also be taking a bunch of soccer balls (a pump) and Frisbees that we will leave with the kids we meet.
Our goal on this trip is to locate and begin building a relationship with the Swaziland ‘community’ that the Riverwood ‘community’ will connect with.  As a church, we are looking forward to doing whatever we can to resource, serve, bless, encourage and strengthen that community.  We will begin by assessing their needs, from their perspective, and finding out what hopes and dreams they have for their community.  In March we will be having a series entitled “A More Inconvenient Truth” that will look at world poverty, AIDS and how we as a faith-community will respond.  During that series, we will be giving the opportunity for individuals and families from our church to ‘sponsor’ kids from the village we are supporting.  Also during that series, Tom Davis, founder and director of Children’s Hope Chest will be coming to Riverwood.
To join us on this venture we’ve provided you with the following itinerary:
Monday, January 28th
5:30 am Departure for drive to Grand Forks
11:00 am Flight to Minneapolis
3:10 pm  Flight to Amsterdam (8.5 hrs)
Tuesday, January 29th
10:00 am (Amsterdam time) flight to Johannesburg (10.5 hrs)
9:30 pm Arrive in Johannesburg (now 1:30 pm in Winnipeg, 8 hrs difference)

Wednesday, January 30th
Meet ‘Jumbo’ and leave for 5 hour drive into Swaziland
Join team of 10 pastors and authors who are being led by Tom Davis
Visit Children’s Cup care points
1. Gugu’s school and care point (Mangwaneni Manzini)
2. Zakhele care point

Thursday, January 31st
Jumbo to tour us to a few other villages with existing Care-Points
During these visits we will work with the kids and be assigned specific work duties
Friday, February 1st
Begin visiting villages without Care-Points or sponsorship
Saturday, February 2nd
Visit more villages without Care-Points and start making decision as to which village Riverwood will resource
Sunday, February 3rd
Begin working with and serving the children and the village Riverwood will support
Monday, February 4th
Morning Care-Point work
Afternoon Safari near Manzini
Tuesday, February 5th
Drive out of Swaziland and to Johannesburg


Wednesday, February 6th
Explore Johannesburg
11:40 pm Departure from Johannesburg to Amsterdam (11.5 hr)
Thursday, February 7th
3:35 pm Departure from Amsterdam (9.5 hr)
5:50 pm Arrival Minneapolis
9:40 pm Departure Grand Forks (10:51 pm arrive)
Drive Home to Winnipeg (2 am arrival February 8th)
Thanks for your part in this mission and please be sure to pray for our travels, our health and that we might be a blessing to those we meet.

To further grow your heart for the poor and hungry of our world, visit the following organizations and websites:
Children’s Hope Chest:   www.hopechest.org
Tom Davis’ Blog (with video of where we’re going): http://tomdavis.typepad.com/
One Campaign:   www.one.org
Saddleback Church AIDS/Global Relief: http://www.purposedriven.com/en-US/PEACE/PEACE_Plan.htm

– Todd

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