We had a brilliant safari experience! It has been the first time we have seen Leopards in the 9 years we have been travelling. So cool! Our team has had a great couple of days as we have experienced some amazing sites and stayed in a beautiful place right on the game drive watching the Read More

Until next time Enaleni….

As we drove home from the carepoint today with the realization that this was our last day, we all shared the same emotion. We can’t believe it is over already. In some ways it seems unreasonable to think that we have shared so many experiences, so many emotions, and felt so many deep connections Read More

A lighthouse in the hills of Bhobokazi

As we sat down in the bus today on our way out, we were keenly aware that this would be the last day we have with our friends at Bhobokazi. We were thrilled to have another day with these kids and the Gogo’s there but just so surprised that our time has gone by so fast. We wanted to take in every moment. Read More

Swazi Church!

Oh how we wish you could have been a part of our day worshipping with the church at Enaleni. What a privilege to be invited into the vibrant and exuberant experience of a service shared with our brothers & sisters here in Swaziland. As is always the case, our Canadian team was moved by the passion Read More

A Couple Reflections to Share

Bryan P – Wood, Wheels and Worth.
The other day was an interesting one to say the least. It started with day two of our picnic table build. I was given the task of completing a cut list to finish the remaining two tables. I was also assigned an apprentice who was in charge of the square and pencil. He was very serious about his task. Read More