10 Year Celebration!

Hello back home! What a remarkable day….just amazing and remarkable. At present we are all madly trying to get ready to leave at 5AM tomorrow morning and time is compressed….we will share our reflections on what has been an incredible day celebrating 10 years of relationship with Enaleni, Pastor Peter and Precious and joining in with her ordination. We are so grateful for this day. Read More

Leaving it all on the field…

Well….as I write this our team has settled into the fact that we have completed all the planned days at our carepoints and are left with the anticipation of one final day together here in eSwatini (Swaziland) with the much anticipated 10-year celebration at Enaleni church tomorrow. It really is remarkable the simultaneous feeling of both how quick our time has gone and the feeling that the day we boarded the plane feels like a lifetime ago. Even our “Weekend Warriors” feel that in a short day and a half, their arrival is a distant memory. Read More

Weekend Warriors and a loss for words.

It is overwhelming to attempt to put into words the day we have had. I think we have experienced some things today that we truly cannot communicate because they are so interwoven with the shared team experience….but what I certainly can say is that today our emotions ran deep. Read More

Today’s blog post has been hijacked!

We had a wonderful day at Enaleni with many significant experiences and enjoyed a very meaningful dinner prepared for us on a homestead near Enaleni. However….today’s blog post has been officially hijacked. We will let the photos tell the stories. Today, as a team, we wanted to take some time to honour our incredible leaders! Read More